Any script editor for recommendation?

I wanna peform the function of POS_2=50+“POS”/2 for all the “POS” parameter. The stroke of my toy is too long. So I’m thinking of halve the amplitude and add 50 to the phase position.
Any editor can achieve this? If not, I might have to do it by python.

You can very easily select all points and then select only the top/bottoms the manipulate the entire script using OpenFunscripter - another scripting tool - 2.0.0 release - #269 by trollinnsfw

select > bottom points
shift - down arrow until all 0’d
shift - up arrow until all reach 5

After that I’m not sure with OFS. But with python you could then just divide every non-50 position in half.

I haven’t used any of these extension yet but they may be able to achieve the second part.

You could just do a simple find and replace in Notepad.

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