Any script suggestions

looking to try new scripts and i wanna try something random anyone have any recommendation

you’re looking for VR or 2D videos? If you want 2D videos do you want cock heroes or normal vids?

If I may be so bold

You have the Script Request section as a possible source for finding something interesting if you haven’t looked there already.

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Intense Double BJ scene. Roughly 8 minutes of action.

2d videos i actually havent tried vr yet lol i want too but i gotta get a heaadset and normal vid or cock hero is fine

This hentai is a pretty good one IMO

Otherwise if you prefer non hentai vids, the cock hero dedicated ones are pretty good since I’m a big fan of jayden jaymes and/or romi rain.

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VR porn is great btw. I bought my oculus rift S a year ago and I don’t regret it for either gaming or porn! It’s getting more and more accessible in terms of price too so that’s cool!

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It looks good I was thinking of getting the rift but only thing keeping me from it in the lens issue I’ve seen with them fogging up due to sweat and I have a medical condition that makes me sweat more than average

Take some clinical strength antiperspirant (deodorant) and rub it on your face. It should restrict or mitigate hyperhidrosis to the applied region somewhat :slightly_smiling_face:

PS I am sure you already know this but make sure you avoid your eyes and let completely set before putting on your VR headset.

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