Any tips for flawless loops or advice on how to extend short vids

Havent scripted much because life… Well i lied. Its mostly elden ring. Lazyprocrastinator made these and i thought theyre well done. Want to script it but i want flawless loops in a way. Mpc has that short delay. Normally i can deal with the slight jitter but i kinda want a smooth experience. Im planning to make 10min loops of for each character. Maybe 8mins for the slow one and 2mins of the hand holding fast section. Obviously im planning on redoing this once the voice dubs are added but i dont want to wait for that lol.

  1. Is there a way to make the loop transition smoother?
  2. Whats a good program to loop this thats hopefully free. Hopefully, just pass through without any re-encoding and compression so its faster

Edit: just in case you dont want spoilers, dont click. But then theyre literally at the beginning of the game so… Yeah. Just in case you still dont want to look at any elden ring stuff, dont click. Know someone who doesnt want to look at anyrhing Elden ring related and wants to go in blind and is actively avoiding anything related to it.

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Those animations look great. I hope you consider sharing your scripted loops when you are done even if they have a minor stutter.


Oh for sure. I share everything i make unless i forgot i made em lol.


I looped some videos for @shbek . You can try looping it smooth, by reversing it. So Normal-Reverse-Normal-Reverse. That works most times, BUT you have to edit the Sound seperatly. If you dont do the it sounds… bad. So you will have to cut the sound up, so it fits the reverse video. If you want some repeats to go slower or faster, you will have to edit the Sound itself and pitch it. Explaining that is… beyond this forum. :wink:

Some quick examples:
Original: Tifa doggy - shirakamii
My recut: 301.5 MB file on MEGA

Original: 368.43 MB folder on MEGA
My recut: 321.84 MB file on MEGA

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What program did you use?

Davinci Resolve. I work semi professional in Video Cutting and use DR for basicly everything Sound and Video. DR can do anything, you just have to find it. :wink:

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If you want me to, i can give it a shot. Depending on the animation it takes about 20-60 minutes. :wink: Just DM me, with what you want. :wink: