Any water base lube as good as gun oil?

Gun oil is by far the best lube I have ever used, but I’m allergic to it. I’m getting insane itch after a month use, can’t even sleep because of it, the same thing happen when I was using minox for my beard. I need a lube that doesn’t have propylene glycol in it. I already tried Sliquid, Jo H2O, and ToysHeart Onatsuyu, Jo h20 was the best out of these three, Sliquid was by far the worst.

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Ive had a lot of luck with Astroglide.
I recently bought a big bottle of Gunoil on sale through Amazon and i dont like it near as much.

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Astroglide has propylene glycol.

Can personally reccommend Sliquid. A lil pricey vs others but well worth it

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For a moment after reading the title I really tought you were referring to actual gun oil and I was like wtf.

I used to swear by LubeLife, but I think I’ve developed an reaction to one of the ingredients in it.

I’ve since found J-Lube to be a fantastic alternative to any store bought brand. It’s a powder based lube that is intended to be used for obstetric veterinary procedures, but is widely regarded as safe for use as a general lubricant. You can mix to your desired consistency very easily and there’s plenty of info out there on recommended mixing methods. Link

I typically mix about 1/2 tablespoon with 500ml of previously boiled water in a .5 liter Soda Stream bottle. Shake it up until there is no more clumpy bits in it and let it rest a while. Some people put a preservative in it like a touch of citric acid., But I’ve found it keeps reasonably well with boiled water and the non-reactive material that the bottle is made from. If for some reason it goes bad, it’s literally so easy to make I don’t mind pouring it out and starting over. One container of J-Lube can probably make a 50 gallon barrel of lube.

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I’ve been using Shibari personal lubricant, it’s got glycerin, water, cellulose gum, methylparaben, and propylparaben in it.

Works pretty good, only downside is that it’s a little thinner than I would like, and sometimes it dries up and you need to add more, but I think most lube is like that.

iam using ID Glide… Aqua based, feels good, works fine, and is a lot cheaper than gun oil which is the same quality i think.

Dont need much of it, and with some drops of water into the fleshlight its working even better and stays way longer “fluid”

And yeah, before using my fleshlight with ID glide is let them both lie a while in warm water, and as i said, i add some drops water in the fleshlight too… you can say, mix the ID glide a little with water makes ist even slippery for a longer while.

id glide also has Propylene Glycol, which im allergic too, seem like all the good lube has it, wack…

might have to check this lube out. How long does it last until you need to apply some more?

I have it, not feeling it tbh.

Have you tried X-Lube?


I make my own using this method. Everything can be bought on Amazon.

ah shit didnt realise what it is, thaught its something that is a incridient in lubes not based on h2o, yeah youre right, its in most lubes… which is kinda obvious cause its used to let the fluids stay longer “slippery” and mix it with water, otherwise they wont work well… yeah, that sucks to be allergic to that.

googled a bit, and found some, but mostly they are way too expensive and reviews says they are not nearly as slippery as they should… well… you just have to try many out i think…

cant help here though, dont know any lube without propylene glycol. Just googled some suggestions thats all… dont know, maybe something out of these are good? Seems to be a “woman” issue for most parts, cause all i found were lubes for woman. Dont think that this does matter in any way :smiley: but yeah… woman seems to be more sensitive in that regard.

No, but J-Lube works great for me, so I’m sticking with that. I got enough to last me until I die, I think.

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it depends on how much air gets to it when it’s in use, generally it lasts at least 15 to 30 minutes if I’m remembering right. Doesn’t take a ton either, one pumps worth is generally enough if you work it to cover the inside of the sleeve before using it.

Nice! I’m not sure how different they are (never tried J-Lube) but X-Lube is actually designed for sex stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

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I second X-Lube. Inexpensive and you can make it as thick or thin as you want it. There are plenty of Gucci brands, but mixing your own from powder is always going to be cheaper and more customizable.


x-lube gang here as well. No fuss, and a single bottle of the powder will literally last you years. I have 4 bottles lol. No propylene glycol - also no preservatives so I usually make enough to last me 2-3 weeks (refrigerated). It can be made to whatever consistency you desire.


I’ve tried them all and for me this one is my favorite. It’s Lulu Lulu Lube. Personal Lubricant. Lulu Lube Natural Water-Based Lubes for Men and Women. 16 oz. - Lubricants Made in USA - 100% Unconditional Money Back : Health & Household