Any way to connect osr2 to games/sites that use handy, feelconnect, or lovesense?

Been seeing some sites and games that are now supporting interactive toys like the handy, onyx, keon, and lovesene toys. I own the osr2 but idk if its possible to connect since the sites use either the handys key, qr code scanning, or bluetooth specific to that interactive toy. Is there any way to bypass this with the osr2 by or am I lucked out here?

Depends entirely on the site or game in question. If they’re targetting specific toys, then you’d have to ask they add support for the OSR2, and hope they do it. If they’re using the Buttplug library, then you can use just about every toy there is, including the OSR2.

i see, welp I guess its time to see if wildlife the game and the adult time streaming service will take a crack at it or not after I message them.

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