Any way to export the points on a script in video form

I wanted to know if it’s possible to export the points on a script (in detail) to show up just like in OFS when you editing. Mainly this would make video editing a lot easier rather than going back and forth with OFS and my video editing software.

You’ll need to parse the script and build a wave by connecting the lines and then make that visible in the video.

The first thing I’d try would be to take a screenshot of the wave in OFS with a decent visible step size. Depending on the length you might need to stitch a few together as one image. You could then just stretch that over the video moving right to left. You’ll need to take the parsing route if its a visual thing and not just an aid. Though some good image editing skills might take care of that…

If there is some kind of open-source cock-hero plugin for this stuff it probably wouldn’t be too hard manipulate for this.

Edit: So I used ScriptPlayer to generate a gif with script overlay for the full duration of a video. If you can match that up in a video editor and crop away the top portion it’s probably the easiest way.

gonna try that with eh gif generation

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