Any way to generate random scripts?

I am using a Keon and would like to find some ways to have some random script generator. I also use openfunscript to create some content from time to time so this could be an option if you have an extension.

I’d love to find something very similar to the auto mode from to generate random paces at random lenghts in regular intervals, but I can’t seem to find anything similar to that for the Keon.

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Have you tried Scriptplayer’s random pattern option? Just throwing this out there just in case. May not be what you are looking for.

I don’t know it this works on other devices than the handy and I prob can’t explain it but I run on like a 40 minute game, set up soley for random beat or random beat/cluster strokes (12 task frequency) and simultaneously run handyfeeling random control with 2 second intervals no pause. You might need to split screen the windows so they’re both active or you can run/ control one from your phone. Plus with fapinstructor you can upload your own choice of visual content or use reddit for a more randomized experience. It’s the craziest interaction.

Essentially handycontrol constantly changes the stroke length and positioning while fapinstructor pumps out random rhythms and it only updates on fapinstructors task refresh? And you can control the speed range and everything on the fly using handycontrol while fapinstructor does it’s thing. Best way I can describe the interaction. It’s honestly kind of magical.


I didn’t even know there was this option! After checking the settings panel I found that you can put “random” in the source option. Thanks a lot, I’ll let you know if it’s good enough or not!

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I didn’t know about this site. I’ll have to check that out.

This website is totally new to me but it’s great! I really wish it was Keon compatible.

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