Any way to reduce sounds from osr2

I think this is my only gripe with this thing. The sound it makes. I have tried to sound proof the room but I can still hear it from the bathroom. Anything I do the osr2 itself to reduce noise? or any other methods i can try?

Upgrade servos. Can be very pricey though, but you do get the benefit of more speed, power, smoothness, and acoustics.

I use 25 kg. Which would you recommend?

I’m not sure if you built it yourself, or have access to a 3D printer, but there was an updated option posted to tempestmax’s patreon that included arms with 4mm universal joints. I feel like mine has gotten quieter since I made that upgrade, but don’t have any way to prove it.

I live alone, and my worry is what the neighbors hear. I also have 25kg cheapo servos, other folks have pointed to $60-$80 servos but they are too pricy for me.

Best of luck, I suppose you could buy a couple expensive servos and just use them for the main arms, instead of for the pitch and all the other axis.

it isn’t if they’re 25kh or 35kg, it’s servo design. Brushless servos are the quietest, but pricey.
I think coreless are quieter at the same price range but i’m not actually sure if that’s true in practice.

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