Anya Olsen, Happy Camper. Original Scripter

Not sure What category This would come under. A few years back on the old RTS days the script for this video was uploaded by VRpornguy22. The script was about 80-90% complete and as it’s a great scene I filled in the missing parts.

Now I dont want to post it without permission from the creator who did the majority of the work but I dont know if they moved over here with the site change.

I’m looking to get their permission to post the completed script if they are still active.

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It should be fine as long as you mention the original author in the post :+1:

I did exactly that with an old Stoya script from the RTS days as well

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Thanks anyway quiffed1. I missed 2 of vrpornguy22’s script in my database, now they are included.

The Anya Olsen scene looks nice, but the highest available resolution is only 3200x1600 :pensive:

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