Anybody else getting a notice saying "The Upload Function is currently Not Available" when trying to upload on SpankBang?

I’m trying to upload a video on SpankBang but whenever I hit the upload button I keep getting a notice that says "We would like to inform you that the upload function is currently not available due to planned maintenence.

We are doing our best to make this short as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience"

But its been like that for over 48 hours and big name porn companies are uploading their content just fine. If you go to the new uploads list there’s plenty of uploads that have been uploaded in the last couple minutes and the rest have been uploaded all day long

yeah, i am. i thought maybe they were messing with me, another person i know has the same issue. i was reading that they sometimes do “shadow bans” so i don’t know. not sure what the deal is really. hope it doesn’t turn into pornhub in which only certain people can upload.

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Okay good to know cause thats what I was thinking. Am I banned or what?. I only uploaded like 5 videos 5 or 6 months ago and just now tried to upload another one and all of a sudden I see that

Asked a few friends and they have the same issue. Not sure if this is common with that site. I don’t frequent it much.

Same problem on my end, greyed out upload button with the message about a ‘planned maintenance’, the following text might or might not be related to this issue…

I’m also getting a Error ID-10T upload error on a fresh new account, so this leads me to believe it is a shadow ban (or a country wide ip ban) to prevent the user from using the upload feature (all other features are OK)

If it helps i’ve never uploaded anything to SpankBang, just created the account and unable to upload BUT i’ve uploaded AI content to Rule34 about four months ago and my IP has never changed in that meantime.

If it also helps i’m using a proper Gmail account (no throwaways) and i have all my scripts disabled (including AdBlockers)

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I checked on a site and got comment that Spankbang are going down the “Pornhub” route and only allowing professional uploads. Hence when I check categories such as ebony or gangbang, when there used to be 30 or so uploads daily, and many full length, now there are 7 or 8 only and most of those very short (8 min or so). No idea why they would do this as it kills the site and customer experience. Have they been forced into this change? What is behind it?


Fellow poster above beat me to it, after some research it seens that this is the case

I’m a ‘niche’ content creator (pregnant futanari, male on futa) and i’ve seen it happening before with Pixiv, after a company fails to control the content uploaded to their website, their only (very drastic) choice is to completly remove the ability for users to upload said content OR create a new ToS to disallow said content.

As for why sites are doing this? My understanding is AI CP, akin to what happened to Apple and Tumblr, but instead it is Visa and Mastercard that pressure these Porn sites to crackdown on CP content or they lose partnership, does this kills the website in the longrun (Pixiv, Tumblr, etc…) yes it does BUT they will still make some profit over the years instead of downright taking the site down or cutting ties with the CC companies, this is just a theory, but a plausible one when we take in consideration these companies want to avoid headaches, maximize profit and minimize loss.

I’m out of sites to upload my content at this point, and 4chan is not an option due to topics being closed less than four hours after creation and the incessant transgender hate which is what my content falls into and what i enjoy creating, Twitter is also a no go due to high amount of bots, you are unlikely to even get a single ‘real’ user in your Patreon account from these views considering getting real Patrons from legit websites with real viewers is hard these days.

Surely there are sites out there (any info anyone can share/) which are NOT subject to US controls, Visa, Mastercard, DCMA etc and where hey will accept any videos (banning the truly illegal) and which allow free downloads. It seems as soon as a site gets super successful (Pornhub, Spankbang) they cut off the very things (lots of free long content and downloads) that made them successful in the first place. Seems a strange business model.

Do you think they will sweep all the videos not uploaded by official studios?

I honestly don’t know anymore, you might try and predict what these major porn sites will do next, but then you get bamboozled because they either do something very stupid (Tumblr, Pixiv) or a u-turn (Pornhub).

But what it is sure is that now they do not have to worry about ‘unverified’ or simply ‘untrusted’ users uploading content that can get then in trouble with advertisers and investors.
Which leads to a lot of free time for admins, and they might or might not decide to use said free time to go and take a look at these hundred of thousands of videos uploaded in the past and remove any ‘problematic’ ones, but this approach actually takes time which means there is a high chance of then nuking current videos uploaded by unverified users instead.

Honestly for content creators the only approach left is going the LordAardvark route, which means creating your own website and not having to deal with constant ToS changes, but you are still left with the question ‘where to promote?’

TL:DR - If unsure backup and pray for an alternative in the near future.

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hi everyone,

are there any alternatives to spankbang site, similar which allow free uploads for everyone

What I do not get, is surely there is method for taking down content. It is DCMA. So why not let anyone post anything (within reason) and then if a DCMA notice, then take it down. Why does that not work. And yes, users need to be “quick” to download content before it is taken down, but a small price to pay. And advertisers on porn sites are…porn businesses. So what do they care?

ok thank you :pray:

I thought I was the only one with this issue. Guess they’re cracking down on uploaders, lmao…

I’ve been getting that for almost four weeks now. I thought it was me as well since I’ve gotten booted three times now, but when I look recent vids in my JAV category, or other frequent posters, it’s been weeks for anyone. I’m wondering if they got a hefty fine. Or are updating their upload software to make it more difficult to get anything on the site.

Yeah - that thought did cross my mind. If you’re a downloader, I’d snag a few external hard drives and download what you can while you can. If you’re a content creator, I can only imagine you’re going to get a price hike to publish.

four letters: DMCA

I get the DCMA “thing”. But I thought DCMA forced you to take down videos that are already posted. Not prevent uploading in the first place. And surely the most efficient system in the world will take 24 - 48 hours to post a DCMA notice, and then another 24 - 48 to react and take it down. Why not just let everyone post and then if get DCMA take it down? But in the meantime, people will have had the chance to download. And are their sites where the DCMA remit does not go? Hosted outside the US?

Good link explaining DCMA and takedown procedure. I did not see anything there that stopped someone uploading. Just that IF the site receives a request, then they need to consider it and probably take down the content. Fair enough, but why stop it from being uploaded in the first place???

The running theory is that they got hit with a wall of DMCA complaints and suspended uploads to take down a lot of videos silently, phrased as “maintenance”.

There were likely too many OnlyFans leaks and other types of leaks where spankbang was starting to see they’d be legally liable if they didn’t shut down uploads for normal users.

A user on simp city mentioned 50 or so videos disappearing on playlists every day they looked.

Spankbang situation for HMV creators in shitpost form:

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