Anyone else find machine-induced orgasms less satisfying?

I dunno if it’s just me, or the sleeves I’m using, but as good as the actual process feels, I always kind of feel the payoff somewhat lacking. I’ve tried slow scripts and fast scripts to take me over the edge but it always seems to just feel kind of underwhelming compared to a manual one.

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I’ve found the opposite personally. The Handy handsfree with the second generation basic sleeve, funscripted, plus VR videos produces some great orgasms for me. As good as decent sex.


Yeah, I think you’re gonna be in the minority here. Most are dedicated machine-fuckers. Those like yourself who discover they don’t like it tend to leave pretty quickly.


It obviously doesn’t feel as good as actual sex, I doubt a lot of people would argue that. It does however feel infinitely better than regular masturbation, at least for me.


I mean, the actual build up is fantastic and worth using the machine for that on its own

I actually find them less satisfying because they’re too stimulating, honestly.

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Oh, ok. You know there’s probably a 1000 different ways you can finish with a machine. You may just need to experiment a bit more.
Off the top of my head:

  • periodic abstinence
  • multi-session orgasm denial
  • low-n-slow…use a less stimulating sleeve to help keep you on the edge
  • poppers or intoxicants
  • cock hero and really try to “win”
  • let the dirty fuckin animal out. Try fetishes you normally would shy away from. That post-orgasm regret sucks, but popping to some dirty shit shit can really be mind-bending.
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Wild if true. I remember my first O’s with the Handy with a Fleshlight mounted up. I think I cried it was so good. My fantasy of not having to worry about a girl getting tired or having to do the work myself, fulfilled. Now I would say my top 500 Os are all machine related, the syncbot recently having topped the charts for best ever solo O. Whoever is right to say its surely still worse than the majority of sex but its getting weirdly close and I’ll be honest I’ve had plenty bad orgasms from sex in a way thats a lot more random than what you can set out to accomplish with a machine. You sure you’re putting it in the right end?


I’ll have some underwhelming sessions every once in a while, but my Handy gives me incredible orgasms 95% of the time. Sleeve, lube, session length, “visual stimuli”, and prep work all play a part in this though. Just need to find what works best for you.

For me at least, it’s all about immersion. Both the sleeve and lube are warmed first, Handy hands-free, low intensity sleeve (Lotus is a great choice for this), and VR can really seal the deal but it’s not absolutely necessary. Run some slow/teasing scripts for a little while to get warmed up and then a more intense fucking/PMV script to finish with. Or just a long video with some of both mixed throughout. And of course, edging helps too. Try pausing every now & then.


That one hurt :rofl:

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You need to experiment with different sleeves, lubes, and preferably a hands free setup. Find what works for you.

When i started out i was using a super slippery lube that felt great for like 60 seconds before it started to leak or dry out. Constantly stopping to relube was ruining the immersion. Eventually i found a lube that lasts 20-30 mins before i really notice it wearing off, completely changed the experience.

That lube which is it?

Xesso Black

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Agree with OP. I like the Handy for build-up but switch to manual after a while. Manual allows you to control the pace better, especially when you’re not in a rush. And nothing yet has beaten an orgasm by frenulum edging.

Definitely your sleeves and using a hands free set up.

I will say my only issue is those times you go into a scene/script blind and lose it just before the action stops or there is a position change . Almost like a ruined orgasm. Although on the flipside, if you manage to time your finish for the on screen money shot, that is magical.