Anyone else having issues with handy?

So scriptplayer is saying that the handy is connected and it downloads a script but it isn’t doing ANYTHING. Could it be that this handy has died? It does work manually or whatever. It just won’t play a script. It won’t play the script on handyfeeling site either.

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In my experience, the handy sometimes breaks around this hour.
I assume they update or restart at around this time, and something broke.
You should still be able to use bluetooth mode though

well, it’s been doing this since this afternoon. for about 4 hours or so. i’ll just wait it out i suppose

Same here. Mine stopped working with the scripts as well. Local files too

Wait what? Update or restart what exactly? Servers??

dunno. it is now working. i restarted my cpu and unplugged and did everything i could. bout an hour ago it just suddenly worked. your’s should be good to go now

mine’s still not working here. same issue as every one else, it says device is connected and uploads a script but then the handy just doesnt move during playback. it’s been about 8-9 hours or so

i guess be patient. mine just came back to life

having the same issue that started just today. Handy turns on, connects, loads script with no error, but does nothing.

The handy online remote control works oddly just nothing from numerous script players.

Having issues. Handyfeeling’s random generator works, but local video doesn’t. Tried resetting Wifi connection, connected but no action. Will wait.

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Same local scripts over wifi no longer working even though the interface tells you it’s synced up… Wtf is going on with the Handy servers lately…

I received this response from The Handy Team a few hours ago:

"We are sorry for the experience!
Yes, we are aware of this problem. There was a problem with respond to the script and our engineering team are working to fix it.

Again, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused."

Insane how the device functionality is tied to a server being online… Handy users should consider another device.

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I have been considering an alternative like OSR… I don’t own a VR headset and relied mostly on the HandyFeeling website to watch VR scripts, but that functionality completely broke for me over a month ago and I have gotten little to no response from the Handy team about a fix. They won’t even reply to my posts on their discord channel.


Imagine companies not supporting their devices… All this Keon and Handy shit have really got me considering the OSR… Funny how the only product that isn’t out for your money is also the best performing.


what’s happening with the KEON?
if I didn’t have a couple of launches, then I would be causing more of a stink the the handy peeps. but it sounds like they aren’t helpful

The thing with Keon is that the software side of things really limits it potential… and Kiiroo will also not provide any support for interactive content unless you are part of a content platform.

The big bummer is that Handy support was very responsive and helpful earlier in the year but ever since the FW3 updates started getting pushed and people had a lot of issues they have become less and less communicative. It’s been pretty frustrating because I absolutely love the toy.

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I looked it up and it was doing the same thing on mine I looked it up it said that I had to use a “Incognito Google chrome browser” and it worked perfectly fine after that I say try that

but that is using it through the handyfeeling website? i don’t know how that would affect it using scriptplayer.