Anyone else having their account permanently suspended with no warning? Recommended alternatives?

I literally have well over a hundred scripts that I have been sharing through MEGA. I included the videos in the folders as well so long as they were made freely available by the creators.

So today I try to log in only to see a message that my account is permanently suspended. The only explanation I got from MEGA was that I “Breached the terms of service”, which includes all kinds of horribly vague language such as “It is prohibited to store, use, download, upload, share, access, transmit, or otherwise make available, unsuitable, offensive, obscene or discriminatory information of any kind;”

So… does that include furry porn? Animated bestiality porn? Loli/shota porn? ALL porn???

I’ve literally never seen anyone post a MEGA link for anything EXCEPT pornography, so I am absolutely baffled. I sent in an appeal but I don’t have high hopes.

Anyway, I was wondering if others have had this same issue and have gotten more details about what exactly the “offensive” content was, and also just giving fair warning that MEGA may not be the best place to host porn anymore. I’ve seen more people using pixeldrain, can anyone vouch for it? Are there any cloud storage services that are explicitly porn-friendly?


Mega has always been a bit of a gamble unfortunately. They offer a good service from a technical perspective, but they are operating under the double burden of both the New Zealand government, and the credit card companies. Both of those groups have expressed very clearly that they HATE pornography and think it should be massively restricted and censored. I am more surprised they’ve been as lenient as they have been till now.

To answer your actual question, mega terminates accounts with, at best, a form letter containing everything you might have been banned for. I’ve never heard of anyone getting specific details from them. Pixeldrain is emerging as the most porn-firendly file host currently, but I don’t know the details of their hosting, and they also take credit card payments, so they could likely fall the same way as mega.

The sad truth is that the credit card companies are pushing for this kind of censorship/restriction HARD across almost every internet-facing business, so any website that plans on making money has to make the difficult choice of living under the rules of a bunch of victorian-era conservatives, or to try and run a business using crypto payments and e-checks, which is probably doomed to fail.


Note: they are soft banning porn (still very lenient in comparison).

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If you are an EU citizen, you can request such informatioon through the GDPR. They should give you a little bit more detail by for example mentioning the filename that caused the action.
(this is because these bans are 99% of the time automated actions)

It will most likely not unban you, and in some cases this could result in a follow up action where you can recover your files (there are a lot of limitations here, and since mega doesnt fall under the DMA recovery isnt guaranteed at all. but sometimes they have such service available and can use it anyway to ensure no further actions are required and can safely remove your data afterward).

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Damn. I already knew there was a lot of conflict on what restrictions should be put in place for porn but I didn’t realize it was that dire.

I appreciate your reply, as now that I know I’m not being singled out and it was gamble from the start, I feel confident that abandoning MEGA is the right thing.

After looking around the past day or so, the only file hosting service I’ve found that doesn’t explicitly ban porn (or use vague language that almost certainly includes porn) is pixeldrain, even though they have the “soft ban” as someone else mentioned. The main appeal is that even if a video gets reported, it simply gets taken away from public access, rather than resulting in suspension from your entire account.

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Thanks for your reply! Not an EU citizen unfortunately, but I’m less interested in knowing what got me banned because at this point I understand that MEGA doesn’t technically allow ANY porn on their site. Literally all I had on there was hundreds of porn videos and scripts, so it could have been anything. Pixeldrain, you’ve got my money!

I got banned too. This is messed up.


Like just within the last few days? My condolences… :disappointed: Something must have triggered a big push to crack down on people using it for porn.

If you had Loli shit on there I would assume thats it.

was probably loli they consider it to be child abuse material or CSAM, because new zealand is a shit hole country law wise. would suggest pixel drain.

probably ur tlaking about pixel drain, this is true but i have already had stuff removed and ip banned from that site for sharing loli. of course i was using a vpn so i can still upload there. id suggest you do the same