Anyone ever get POVR interactive working with Heresphere?

Wondering if anyone ever got it working with the app or figured out a way to get the interactive scripts separately to use.

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Yeah, make sure your Heresphere app is updated. It’s super spotty. Half the time I click the video, go to somewhere halfway thru the video and it stops loading. Almost like it’s downloading the mp4 in the background and you gotta wait until it loads half of the file first instead of a true stream

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I gave up on POVR. Was really buggy. Joined because they had said they were going to be adding script downloads in the next two weeks and that was at the beginning of May.

Yea this is my experience too. It’s a real bummer how spotty it is

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I can’t get it to work at all anymore. Only when using oculus browser at low res. Switching to API mode in herespere doesn’t do shit and there is no error reporting. Scripts do work in non-api mode in Heresphere, but thats pointless cause I can;t go in to VR mode.

My Handy has been performing like shit lately, network-wise. Client error: Error sending script to Handy. Yeah, no shit


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