Anyone? "Free World's Largest Handy Multi-Control Show with Haley Spades"

I’m not advertising this on behalf of the company–just curious whether anyone else was going to participate and what your expectations are.

Post from Discord:


:tada: Exciting Announcement: Join the Free World’s Largest Handy Multi-Control Show with Haley Spades! :star2: @everyone

Gear up for an unprecedented Handy event that’s entirely free! We’re thrilled to announce Haley Spades as the host of the upcoming Handy Multi-Control Show at AdultSync on December 30th at 3 pm EST. All you need to do is register an account – no extra costs involved!

Haley Spades, a seasoned performer known for her enthralling performances and vibrant energy, will lead the world’s biggest Handy multi-control event. Get ready for an unforgettable show that promises to keep you engaged and excited.

:fire: Save the Date – Absolutely Free!
:date: December 30th, 2023
:alarm_clock: 3:00 pm EST / 9:00 pm CET

:globe_with_meridians: Venue:

:star2: Meet Haley Spades: Stay connected with Haley on social media for exclusive updates and a preview of the spectacular showcase she’s preparing:

:iphone: Twitter: @HaleySpades
:camera_flash: Instagram: @gamergirlhaley
:computer: TikTok: @haleyspades
:evergreen_tree: LinkTree: Haley Spades - Find Haley Spades Onlyfans - Linktree

Prepare for a phenomenal show filled with excitement, entertainment, and a unique sense of connection, all for free. Just register and be part of this fantastic experience. We’re excited to see you there!

Text of email notice:


Ready to make history with us?
Join us on December, 30th, 3PM EST
We want to extend a warm invitation to our community to join the world’s largest Handy multi-control event.

To showcase our position as a leading innovator in the sex-tech industry, we’ve set an ambitious goal: breaking the record for the highest number of Handy devices controlled simultaneously.

The event will take place Saturday, December 30th, at 3:00 PM EST. The show is completely free, and our hostess will be Haley Spades. Your support is invaluable as we strive to make a mark in the industry.


  • To join, you must own a Handy.
  • Participants will not be on camera or microphone, only the performer.
  • Engage with the performer and other Handy users through live chat.
  • No payment required.
  • Click the link above to join the show and easily connect your Handy.

I’ve wondered how long it would take for handy to get here. Back in the day realtouch was doing expensive one on one sessions and i was genuinely surprised that no joystick style controller (as far as I know) had emerged with how far the software and tech has come since then.

Given how a lovense is hanging out of every cam show model presumably due to being successful at generating income I’ve been surprised to not see a handy/toy control show being run yet.

They have scheduled it saturday in the middle of the afternoon for me so I assume they must be targeting some other timezone because I’m not sure how anybody is going to be free enough to strap in mid afternoon. I am hoping somehow they would be able to record the live show to be able to play it back at a more convenient time, but regardless will be curious how it goes for anyone attending as well.

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I joined a few of the first Handy multi-control shows. The first couple of experiences were a technical nightmare. When I finally got a show where my Handy actually worked from beginning to end, I just found it incredibly boring. The performers were fine I guess, but they were just using the Handy app which just strokes at a certain range and speed until you tell it to stroke at a new range and speed. It would honestly be more interesting if she was playing scripted videos for me.

RealTouch (rip) actually had a dildo controller for true teledildonics. Just before the business went under, they started selling them to couples. Before that they were only available to their camgirls. I never tried the experience, but it seems much more interesting than what Handy’s currently offering. At least it’s free though so if you’re curious give it a shot. Maybe it will do something for you.


I guess I had a picture in my mind that TheHandy would mimic Haley’s movements-- kind of like a scripted JOI video…only in livestream/realtime.

If all she’s going to do is play with the app, that will be as exciting as a light show using the wallswitch and dimmer knob.


Is there a video/funscript of previous events to see what exactly we might be expecting?

The stream started, hasn’t started with the toys yet. Gonna try it out, idk what to expect

Ugh, boring. I guess I’m kinda spoiled by so many funscripts. Basic up-n-down with the same stroke length and speed for extended periods of time. No variety.
Also kind of gross with all the talk about other guys cumming.


Same. Watched for about 5 minutes then got bored. It was like watching a slightly more adult Twitch stream.

i am kind of interested how you guys think these streams should work?

i mean, yes, the chat is gross and not for me as well, but what different would a livestream be to a video if she does not respond to chat?

The “I’m cumming” button put waay too much focus on people cumming. It constantly drew the conversation back to there.

I expected a cam show, where she participated. I had already given up, based on this thread, for actual toy interaction. But that’s how I would want it to work for it to be interesting.

I think it was perfectly fine, especially since it was free. Haley was really lovely plus I expected way worse from chat.

Maybe instead of or in addition to chat, there could be a polling option to boil chat down to singular statements for the performer. That way she could ask questions and just get live poll results instead of a constant flood of contradicting and offtopic messages.

It did not for me.
First some connection problems (Everyone connecting at the same time)

EVERY JOI you find here on Eroscript is far better than that.

Sorry, but it was disappointing. Can’t recommend.


I suppose if it was a selling point for using the app control, it did its job.
I think I wanted to see something significantly more advanced though. Probably a dream, but it would have been cool if they had a dildo with a bunch of sensors that could detect her actual stroke motions and translate that to Handy actions. I’d have been happy with just a two-finger handjob.

As for the livestream–I don’t know, I rarely look at livestreams anymore because all the cringy bullshit coming out of chat that the host has to address.


Since most people use advanced scripts, Haley using the normal stroke patterns was very boring.
it’s like the 1st week of using the handy and you could cum on any movement.
I might as well just used a handy randomizer and chaturbate website lol

Imagine the ridiculous pricing for 1 on 1 when the strokes are just average at best.
What if it was paid to play?
So if i tell her i want to cum in 5 mins? i get the feeling the model will milk every $$$ minute with me, it wouldn’t feel authentic.


Man I’d love to get jacked off by Haley… sounds like its fine I missed out on this one… Hope the tech gets better! I’d love to see this proliferate to amateur models/etc.

Has it been recorded? I am looking forward to a scripted recording of the livestream.

not worth it, the movements were worse than a randomizer.

I watched a bit but it was just random strokes not linked to anything… nice attempt but needs to be more interactive imo. Shit put these girls on a fucking machine and match those strokes :joy:

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