Anyone has that grease monkey script to pull down script files from ineteractive videos on pornhub?

Or any other method?

I’m not sure if it’s still working anymore, haven’t used it in some time. it spits out .JSON files instead of funscript files, If you don’t have a launch or Keon I’m not too sure how to use it or convert it honestly

Try to just rename them to *.funscript.

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I wish. tried that, it just does nothing. not sure the two can be converted that easily. There was an old post back on realtouchscripts but nothing ever came from it since ScriptPlayer read .json just fine

Could you upload one of the files so that I can see what the format is like? I imagine it would be pretty easy to convert them if they’re not already in funscript format.

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Posting it on Anonfiles now, It’s a .rar file since the website only allows single file uploading at a time and I bundled the video that’s supposed to go with it.

Looks like the actions and timestamps for Kiiroo. It only had positions 0-4 if I remember correct.
Maybe ScriptPlayer can import that already.

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Oh wow scriptplayer totally can! You can load up the Json, Click scripts in the menu bar and just hit Save As, and it does it for you. :sweat:. I have the scriptmonkey code to extract the .Json files, I’m not sure if I should post it here or maybe post it as it’s own individual post so it doesn’t get lost again.
(Man I feel dumb :sweat_smile:)

Oh man Anonfiles is the worst - mega next time please!! Anonfiles tried to download a malware installer twice, and took two hours to download the file haha

Anyway, as Lucifie says, it looks like a Kiiroo script. It would be super easy to convert into a funscript, but all the positions would be 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80% or 100%.

How many of these kinds of scripts are there? I might add a conversion function to if this is a good way to get scripts…

lol sorry, I’ll make an anon MEGA account. You can save the json if you run it through Scriptplayer. If you browse through Pornhub’s interactive category you’ll see all the content you can get. The script work they did is odd, it’s waaay too fast for the Launch, might do better with the osr2, but I’ve had no time to test.

will this work with pulling scripts from wankz? im not able to download the scripts from them. and streaming in 1080 and running scripts from the feel connect app sucks.

No Idea, the script is specifically for Pornhub

Here’s the Tampermonkey/Greasemonkey script I’ve been going on about
Right here (sorry, don’t wanna make a wall of text)
Just copy and paste the text in the link into one of the programs I mentioned. I use Greasemonkey since I’m on firefox. Once the script is enabled you can load up any Pornhub Interactive video. A small link should appear under the “Sync interactive toy to video” link labeled "URLs:, JSON. Right click the text that says JSON and save it as an html file, then change the file extension to .json
[An example would be TESTNAME.HTML ======> TESTNAME.json.
You can load that .json file into ScriptPlayer just fine, but if you use any other player, or just want it as a funscript, you can just hit the script tab in the ScriptPlayer menu and hit save as, and it should convert it to funscript to use it with other players.



Thank you so much
Before I install windows on my mac could you please do me one last favour

Could you please convert this one to funscript?

BL.txt (7.9 KB)

(It’s a JSON I saved as txt for quicker upload)

BL.funscript (19.0 KB)
Here, it’s pretty easy honestly

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