Anyone heard of Syncbot? Looks interesting

I found a new toy called the Syncbot. Wondering what anyone here knows about it…


very skeptical, im basing this on what Keon tried to do as well. When I tried, out of 9 video I only got 20 sec of action detected. The tech is getting there but I dont think it ready for the market yet

Thanks for your feedback! I can see your point on that. This seems true with many new technologies.The cost of this device, for me, is enough to be patient for the technology to get to the “usable stage” rather than the research/experimental stage which it seems to be in at this point. I love that this forum lets us discuss these things to be more informed. :muscle:t2:

I would get it if it had support tbh

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Interesting concept, but based on the exploded view from the video its got a very short stroke. 1-2". So the AI wouldn’t have to do much. The variable tightness seems interesting, but i doubt it does that on the fly. The lube cartridges give me printer vibes too.

I did think the stroke length looked a little too short as well. Although their design is to stroke the shaft and spin on the head. I’ve never used a toy with multiple types of stimulation like that. (Stroke/twist/squeeze) it looked like something that’s worth a try but not at that price… it could end up being a dud.

I’m pretty sure there was a past thread discussing the Syncbot and someone said it was a scam. But as much as I hope it isn’t a scam, tread carefully brothers.

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Mine arrived earlier today. Once I get a few uses out of it and become familiar with it I will share my thoughts on it.


Actually real?!? Try it attached to the handy too and let us know lmao.

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Hey its been a minute? Is it any good?
its been 84 years


I think it has potential but has a long way to go. Not only is the accuracy of the strokes often wrong but the movement is so jerky it can be difficult to tell it is following the on-screen motion at all. The movements are what I consider overbearing. It feels like a brute force attack. It WILL get you off and can get you off quickly but it doesn’t feel as good as it should. It is like the difference between taking small bites and chewing your food slowly to savor all the flavors vs. greedily wolfing down your food without really tasting it.

An e-mail was sent out a few days after I had it saying there was a software upgrade. The only way to get it was to reply to the email saying you wanted it. It took something like 2-3 weeks before they sent me a link for the upgrade.

The software currently does NOT detect movement with animations but that should be added later and they are constantly working on improving their algorithms for live videos.

I think that someday they will recreate much better than they do now. As it stands today, I feel this should still be in alpha testing. Even when they do get everything working smoothly the price point is way too high IMO. I haven’t used mine in over 2 months.


Thanks for posting a followup review on your experience with the Syncbot @BuckNekkid

I was thinking of picking that one up as I was curious to see how it performs but it seemed a bit too hyped up with marketing and advertising claims than any actual real world performance

Definitely keep us posted if you find the toy improves in any way at all to be worth considering


Thanks for the review, you saved me some money as I was on the verge of buying this. It’s so difficult to find reviews for this device so I had to assume it either flew under the radar as they have poor marketing or perhaps it wasn’t as good as it seemed at first glance. A shame that it doesn’t work with animations as their website states it works with “hentai” but upon further inspection it seems they mean 3D hentai. Did it work better with blowjob videos or was the accuracy about the same across genres? I’m glad that they didn’t release a product and bail after the indiegogo campaign but as you say, with such a price tag it’s not very enticing to be a tester.

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It is really difficult for me to gauge the accuracy because the thing is constantly rotating back and forth and it mixes with the strokes so unless you are concentrating on how it is moving it mostly feels like constant, chaotic movement on your dick.

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Hi , masters from Eroscript
I am an anonymous guy from syncbot team and going to be here for a while to provide free multidimensional scripts.

In short, Eroscript is a place for people to find manual script, normally it takes weeks to make hand-made scripts 100% correct. This kind of manual script are mostly one-dimensional linear thrust. Some of them are more than correct but also stand as real masterpieces of art. I really appreciate the craftsmanship and spirit in Eroscript.

Syncbot’s AI-generated script incorporates three dimensions (thrust, rotate, and suction), it was only 86% correct with real-people porn and some 3D hentai using the previous version, and is only about 91% after the latest upgrade. For some movies it could be better or worse, following a normal Gaussian distribution. And the team really got a lot of great feedback.
Our tech routes were more like Alphago 2 years ago, now are more like ChatGpt. I am not saying syncbot team is that smart, I am just explaining which tech sample we are studying from. That is the real reason why syncbot is somewhat expensive. Because the money not only goes to the factory but also goes to many coders and even more data annotators.
To be honest, we do not know how exactly everything is going on within our transformer, that is one of the reasons we cannot target our AI work on a certain specific movie which has not been analyzed and recorded by the original transformer yet. Most syncbot users pick up hundreds of movies from hundreds of movies when using. However, enriching a movie or a script selected by people is feasible. If you want to make your one-dimensional script to be 3 dimensional , I could do it for you for free.

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