Anyone heard of Syncbot? Looks interesting

I found a new toy called the Syncbot. Wondering what anyone here knows about it…


very skeptical, im basing this on what Keon tried to do as well. When I tried, out of 9 video I only got 20 sec of action detected. The tech is getting there but I dont think it ready for the market yet

Thanks for your feedback! I can see your point on that. This seems true with many new technologies.The cost of this device, for me, is enough to be patient for the technology to get to the “usable stage” rather than the research/experimental stage which it seems to be in at this point. I love that this forum lets us discuss these things to be more informed. :muscle:t2:

I would get it if it had support tbh

Interesting concept, but based on the exploded view from the video its got a very short stroke. 1-2". So the AI wouldn’t have to do much. The variable tightness seems interesting, but i doubt it does that on the fly. The lube cartridges give me printer vibes too.

I did think the stroke length looked a little too short as well. Although their design is to stroke the shaft and spin on the head. I’ve never used a toy with multiple types of stimulation like that. (Stroke/twist/squeeze) it looked like something that’s worth a try but not at that price… it could end up being a dud.

I’m pretty sure there was a past thread discussing the Syncbot and someone said it was a scam. But as much as I hope it isn’t a scam, tread carefully brothers.

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Mine arrived earlier today. Once I get a few uses out of it and become familiar with it I will share my thoughts on it.


Actually real?!? Try it attached to the handy too and let us know lmao.