Anyone here connect their Handy to Koikatsu Sunshine?

Im curious on how to do this and how accurate/good it is. Thanks in advance.

I have in the past, but it’s been awhile. It was acceptable, but I usually just prefer videos instead. It would have weird issues sometimes where it would get stuck and I’d have to reset the Handy.

I used: GitHub - KarilChan/handy-koikatsu-server & GitHub - KarilChan/KKHandyPlugin

It should also be possible with: GitHub - Sauceke/LoveMachine: Support for interactive sex toys in over 20 different Hentai games, including Koikatsu, Honey Select 2, COM3D2, Insult Order, and more. but I haven’t used it.

I’ve used the LoveMachine mod that @Spunkle linked above and Intiface Desktop for Koikatsu Party VR mode extensively. It should work similarly for Koikatsu Sunshine.
For me, it works pretty well with occasional hiccups but nothing to ruin the experience. Would def give it a recommend.

Has anyone’s tried Koikatsu with the sr6?