Anyone interested in aftermarket handmade silicone sleeves for the handy?

Kinda disappointed in the use of TPE over silicone and not super excited for the move towards open ended sleeves being the new OEM design plan. Thinking about creating molds and casting some sleeves with a two inch wide recessed section that would just happen to work with the handy, but because of the low volume and higher quality material prices would be higher, probably 35-45 bucks.

Anyone else interested? It’s not really viable to just make a single one for myself, but I see what I feel to be a community need for more sleeve variety and quality.

Full disclosure, I’ve been fucked by the recent economic shitshow, so I’m not starting a charity and would be intending to sell these to cover the cost of manufacturing, maybe carve something off the existential dread inducing debt pile that I see in my dreams.

Would you buy a silicone sleeve from a etsy type store at around a price point of $40?
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Throwing out a visualization for feedback, colors are not what final product would look like lol.



Any thoughts? Bulbed tip filled with pyramids guarded by a tight entrance, alternating rows of bumps and triangles, a series of grooves to capture and retain lube, and finally at the entrance a series of tighter rings to increase suction and improve seal. Strap groove is recessed deeper and has “belt loop” style retention system, so it isn’t gonna come off. This is one of the biggest frustrations of the handy to me.
Looking at 00-10 hardness silicone, certified body safe and including a correctly cut and sized velcro brand strap for a extra few bucks.


how to clean?

Echoing the “How to clean” question, if it’s strong enough to be reversible then this is a huge win for me.

Look at the Tenga Flip 0 insides:

Look at the Tenga US Mouth Side view:

These are some of my favorites so far, hopefully should inspire you a bit. Keep in mind that adding different textures on one half means that you can flip it over for different sensations, effectively increasing the novelty of the experience for longer.

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Can you compare that with the current sleeve or the Quickshot?

This on its own is a huge plus for me.

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This look hilariously like a reverse missile and I’m all for it :partying_face:

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Dish soap and water. This hardness is a bit softer than the OEM sleeve for the handy, just like a OEM sleeve you turn can turn it inside out.

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ima call it the pop rocket lol

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Theres Pocket Rocket for women, how about Rocket Pocket for men? haha

oh god, the payload is even delivered into the nose cone ::

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This would be great and I’d definitely be interested. Not sure why they decided to go with the open sleeve. How does that even work in VR?

So uh, this happened.

Stay tuned fappers!


Wow, that’s so cool. Congratulations! I love how the Handy team is always up for the community ideas and involves them. That’s how you make a successful product.

I love how your sleeve looks btw. I am very interested in different sleeves. The default one is okay, but I guess there could be better. And this looks really well! Looking forward to it.

Would love to hear updates!

Could this be designed with an area at the opening that would fit/attach into a Fleshlight case? That would open up use by OSR owners without a modification.

Could you do custom colors or orifices?

Are there any news?

Minor update, all manufacturing equipment has been delivered. There wasn’t a local printer who could help me prototype the molds, so I ended up having to buy my own and have been spending this time learning how to use it. Design for the molds is complete, still probably a couple of months before anything deliverable but def chugging along and I might have a usable proto sleeve by the end of the month.

@rawr32 Yes, but as with anything bespoke $$$ increases. Colors less so, but different orifices would require a seperate mold which is where the big time/cost sink is.

@hosenguy I’m not entirely sure, I’ve never used one and am not particularly familiar with them. I had dismissed them previously I had no private means of printing the parts, I’ll have to revisit it.


Definitely interested in one.

Please consider making the base ridge thick enough to prevent the bottom of the mount from extending beyond the sleeve. The mount currently extends beyond the original sleeve by a small amount which can cause the hard mount to hit against skin instead of the soft sleeve.


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What is the inside length going to be? I find the original a bit too short :wink: and repeatedly slamming into the end can get uncomfortable…