Anyone interested in trying something different?

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I have been doing something a little different from the typical scripts. In order for this to work you will need a sleeve that can be used on both sides (see preview).
So what this is, is switching between mouth and tongue stimulation. The scripts I made are on the slower side with one short quick thrust, the quick thrust is used as a cue point to switch from tongue to mouth and vice versa.

The set up.
Ideally you will want your handy mounted, the sleeve is going to have a lot of free movement and just doesn’t work well when holding with your hands.
The sleeve posted has been my go-to lately, I also use fleshlights and found that this Doc Johnson is legit. Its pretty close to FL quality and I really enjoy the unique texture, never really cared for the typical ribs and nubs.
The handy strap is going to eat up a lot of space on the sleeve, so I have been using a retractable zip tie. Place the zip tie about 1-2 centimeters from the top of the sleeve, this will give almost all the sleeve length to use.

Ok. Now that you have the set up all sorted out, how does this whole thing work?
To begin use the outside of the sleeve (tongue), when you notice the quick thrust switch to the inside of the sleeve (blowjob). I made sure to leave about 10 seconds of no movement so you can get your sausage in place. As the script plays out there will be more quick thrust to signal its time to change positions, the script will finish with tongue stimulation.

The scripts are NOT synced, I haven’t found any vids that work with this yet. So the video is more of just a source of stimulation.

If this is something you would like to try or have any questions let me know in the comments.


Is this something you are going to create or created yet?
Just a bit confused why you are using the free script section without posting a script.


Definitely a How To or General post.

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It’s already created. I posted it in free scripts for a couple reasons. One I thought it might get more views, two it’s not another basic porn scene or cockhero.


DL Link:


sim1.funscript (13.1 KB)


Should edit your OP to include this instead of being a comment.


Im sorry but this is the most asinine idea i’ve ever heard of. Here are just 2 things off the top of my head.

  1. Reversible sleeves are meant to be used so you can have different textures for different sessions, like a 2-for-1 sleeve. Its not designed to reverse them during sessions lmao. Any lube or precum is going to make reversing it mid-session a mess, that sounds like an absolute nightmare.

  2. The fact that you’d have to reverse it mid session means you’re completely ruining the immersion of the experience, which is what most people enjoy about using devices like the handy; the immersion.

Dude, you don’t reverse the sleeve mid session. You simply pull out and switch between having your member inside the sleeve and using the outside.

lmao way dramatic bro.
“an absolute nightmare” is more like a “minor inconvenience”.
Dude is out here working hard, trying to diversify our masturbatory experiences; and you call his/her innovation asinine? Not cool my hombre.


I think not everyone understands what your trying to do, i certainly don’t.
What do you mean by using the outside?
Is it holding it against your member and trying to recreate something of a licking sensation?


(Is it holding it against your member and trying to recreate something of a licking sensation?)

That’s Exactly what it is.

I’m thinking a demo video might help, don’t worry I’ll use a stunt cock.


It’s an interesting idea. I always like it when someone wants to try something new.

Someone once had a thought what if i can make my fleshlight go up or down by itself and even sync it to a video and look where we are now.

It wouldn’t work for me though as my mini me is a speed freak it would feel as if a dog was licking me and i’m not into that :rofl:


yeah I think I like the general concept but I’m a lil confused too. A demo would be beneficial. Thanks 4 the innovation btw. cool idea

Hopefully this clears things up.
The video is 39 seconds long.
At 8 seconds in you will see the handy make a short quick stroke, that’s the cue to change positions.
No cocks were used in this video, the cucumber was thoroughly washed first :slight_smile:
Turn up the sound, you can hear the suction.

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What does the cucumber think of it?

Dude that was a mistake… every time I go to use my handy that green mother fucker is already in there! I didn’t know veggie porn was a thing until now.

Just wait until the rest of your dick shaped foods find out about it.

In the spirit of trying something different, I’ve been using an alternate approach to my scripts lately.

I like to listen to PMVs with the script synched to the music on my laptop. Then watch whatever in VR (SLR). Also great is to slow/adjust the playback speed of the VR while the PMV script and music are playing. Think about your favorite finishing VR scene in slow motion, while a fast PMV script and music pound away. GOTTA TRY IT!

Opens up more possibilities and combinations to try. I also like that the louder playing music and sounds from the VR drown out the sound of TheHandy.

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anyone knows an alternative device? i use a ps3 controller because thats the only thing i have, can i use my phone somehow? or anyone knows a good way to use the ps3 controller?