Anyone know who this girl is?

All I can find is the name Blowjob Queen. I’m not sure this is her actual stage name or just a name created by the uploader. She has about five videos on Spankbang, most comments are asking who she is.

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I have found her. Her name at Chaturbate is: blowjob_queen
She also seems to have an Onlyfans/Fansly under the name: your_party
She calls herself: Vita (or Vi). At least that’s what it says at Onlyfans.

I guess someone was faster :frowning:

In any case, we have the same information, so it’s probably her)

An upcoming 40+ min BJ video I wonder? Ohh man…

Nice work fellas.
Yes. I am making a script but not quite that long.


You guys are good, haha. Knew right from the thumbnail

Looks like the link I had for her marked is no longer working: Free Chaturbate Videos ·

This other link below should work; I’ve used it for other models before but it restricts the viewing to 1 video a day which can be ripped with VPN and what not. You should be able to grab a video if you copy the link using Google Tools after loading it. If not it will boot you before being able to watch the full video

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