Anyone saving up for a newer VR headset in the future?

I seen a YouTube clip of someone talking about CES 2022, new releases for the VR in the near future.
Announced for VR were the Pimax, PSVR 2, Apple AR headset!
I am planning on getting a new headset ranging from $300-$800. yet not sure if i should wait for the new versions coming out or consider buying some of the current ones?


im always waiting for a new headset. Particular keen on a high quality wide fov with high res and good lenses. It seems that is lacking atm, there are couple wide fov headsets with low resolution or distortions, and high res good quality lense headsets with low fov. Not both yet and thats what i really want. Pimax 12k might have all the things i want but kinna skepticle due to their history. PSVR 2 not buying as i dont have or want a ps5, and not so interested in AR. Really hoping for like a quest 3 release but with features im looking for.
Still dont regret buying my quest 2 as for the price its hands down the best bang for ur buck, and is very capable and love the wireless. So many people are buying it and recommending it as its a no brainer and worth every penny, even tho it has a couple downsides like low fov and not so great lenses. Whether u want to buy now or wait(might be up to like a year for newer headsets) is up to you. I had also quest 1 for a few months before quest 2 release and didnt regret buying it for all the good times it offered and was able to sell it second hand .


I am saving for the Pimax 12K. For porn FOV is really nice to have as it feels like u are there

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if its just for porn buy the quest 2 (i would have if it wasnt for the facebook account that i dont want).

The 12K pimax is for porn way overpriced and at the moment there are no 12K VR camera’s so you will be watching 6K (i dont even know if high quality 8K VR camera’s exists) on a system that can do double that. And i doubt that very few companies will do an expensive upgrade for a system that will not sell well because of its price (no VR set thats $500 dollars or more has sold a lot, the top three sellers are $300 or less). Also to play games on 12K you need a very powerful PC (if there is one that can render 12K games), And also there are no official statements about the amount of pixels per eye (only estimates) 12K sounds great but not if the resolution is the same as the other headsets.

If you want to play games depends wether you are pc only. I myself am not and thus most interested in the PSVR 2 as it has some new features that are very interesting. One of them is with he new way they are developing to show the screen (only the part where you’re eye is focused will be rendered fully, a bit like how the eye works in real life) it saves a massive amount of processing power, and they intend to make every triple a title VR playable (i have to see that to believe it though), that in combination with the haptic feedback which is used to reduce motion sickness makes that my favorite.
But its drawback is that it is not the best system for watching porn, (although this one might work better on a pc then the original as it no longer needs a playstation eye camera).


Once I went wireless with Q2 it’s hard to even think of going back to a wired setup for me anyways… Prolly just wait on Quest 3 in 2023… The QPro version that is said to be coming out later this year just doesn’t seem like a smart investment imo… Iirc, think it’s just OLED thats being hyped up for it atm… Better to wait for the next big res jump


Apple just postponed his headset to 2023 due the lack of materials for the production. It will be the best wireless highend headset in the market with its beatiful oled screens and its enigmatic processor horsepower. Maybe it’s not cheap as heavily subsidized Q2 but the price of last model of İphone you can have a decent wireless headset.

In Meta’s world Quest 3 is postponed the last quarter of the year but we will have cambria, their dedicated mix reality&augmented reality headset. It s gonna be lighter than Q2 and have better oled screens. So it means more contrast and better blacks. But same horsepower and resolution make it a questinable alternative of Q2. Save for Cambria first, thinks Q3 last guys !

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im waiting for Q3, cant see me messing with the headsets that are only inbetweeners rather than a true next gen upgrade

what is the most likely resolution upgrade next? 2160 in each eye like psvr2? i wonder how many years before we get 8k in each eye :smiley:


Yeah as much as I dislike sweet baby ray Zuck, you can’t beat the Q2 > Q3 when it comes to VR porn… The Quest is a beast…

thanks for your input!

i guess i could wait another year for Quest 3, but who knows if it will be longer than that due to chip shortage.

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Rent Q2 and then buy Q3 when it’s come up i guess

Quest 3?

We’ll probably see some kind of ‘Quest 2 Pro’ mid next year (would be late this year but for chip shortages), which will just be the Quest 2 without all the huge compromises that Meta made to get it under $300.
I’d guess probably the same XR2 chipset, but nicer displays (I’d guess 2Kish per eye w OLED), nicer strap/comfort - perhaps IPD adjustment, maybe nicer optics and probably more storage for like $499.
But they’ll keep the Quest 2 on the market as the budget option and ship it with some more fancy new AR software features. They’ve said previously that they’ve got a lot of room to expand with software capabilities on the Quest 2 - which is why I doubt they’re planning to launch Quest 3 anytime soon - Q3 2024 at the absolute earliest IMO

Then Cambria will come somewhere between Q3 2023 and Q4 2024. Maybe? I doubt Meta themselves know exactly how to position it right now, they just know that they have lots of nice tech that nobody else has - so they’re probably waiting to see how the market changes between now and then wrt Apple and Google and stuff. It might end up being Quest 3, or it could be a PCVR headset (I’d be surprised) with Quest 3 coming 18 months later once they can get the tech in Cambria lighter, cheaper, etc.

Other Companies

Apple’s headset has been coming ‘next year’ since like 2017. So I wouldn’t hold my breath for that one. Could be next year, could be five years from now.

As for all the other companies…I’m starting to get worried that everyone else is falling so far behind Meta that there won’t be anything worth considering. The Index is only barely recommendable over Quest 2 right now because even though it’s a fair bit better, it’s also tethered and triple the price. Pimax is kind of janky but OK if you’re an enthusiast willing to put up with shenanigans, Reverb has nice displays but is tied to the horrible WMR platform, and HTC is a bad joke at this point…

I Suggest

More things might come out of other existing VR companies over the next 2 - 3 years, but I certainly wouldn’t be holding on to my money waiting for them.
Unless you’re willing to wait 12-18 months for some kind of Quest 2 Pro (which might take longer than that who knows?), just get a Quest 2 now and move on.

Source: Me! I’ve worked in VR since late 2013 so while I don’t know everything, I’ve got a pretty good idea of the shape these things tend to take :wink:


I agree 100 percent. Otherwise, it’s the old game of waiting for the next big thing in the industry next year. And one year later you don’t buy it because the next big thing is announced again for the next year. For me Quest 2 was an investment which payed off. And I don’t regret the buy. I’m not an early buyer who has to be among the first to have the latest products. But if I see added value for me, I don’t wait, I buy it. Life is sometimes too short to wait for a 100% solution.


thank you for the detailed input!

100% agree