Anyone tried an E-Stim sleeve with the handy?

I found an E-Stim sleeve called “jack socket” made by electrastim and “opus” by mystim. I’ve never tried E-Stim and am curious about it. Anyone have any feedback on this topic? I’m curious to see if this would be a good integration with the handy.

have tried the opus… the problem would be the estim isnt integrated into the sleeve but the plastic case more like the one around a fleshlight. I think you might have more pleasure out of using conductive loops or velcro bands.

Never having used the Handy I cannot imagine estim being pleasurable while the positive and negative leads are being moved. In my experience with estim (2 years) moving the conductive loops or electrodes while stimming is not advisable. It can be down right painful.

The nodes do pierce through the sleeve though, so they do have a gripping point. But the issue is that with speeds of the handy, this might not be pleasant as they arent as smooth as the sleeve itself.

That the contacts move isnt realy a problem. This is something that the serious kit milker does feature a lot. And while movement is less, its still there and does affect estim a lot. Its movement is a key aspect even.
Also note that the opus is a stroker, so its part of the idea to have those contacts move.

The reason manual movement can be painful is because it doesnt keep a strong and even contact point, and this means a pulse can go through only a small piece of skin, causing it to hurt. Its not as reliable as a repetetive machine can do with good contact points.
If the position of the sleeve is proper, its generaly going to stay in contact well, no matter the movement.

But my advise for someone who never tried estim is to not combine it and first experience it the more calm way. Estim can still be very intense, even if the build up is slow. And usualy with estim that is 1 of the strong points, as that makes the orgasm very heavy. And unlike a stroking motion, your dick isnt going to be oversensitive too quickly, so those orgasms can take their time (30s is well doable).

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Thanks for the feedback guys. I knew I could get some quality info from this community. :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

If you have an e-stim device that accepts sound input, you CAN use script-player to simultaneously drive the stim box AND the handy.

If you place the electrodes on the non-moving parts (for example a bipolar butt plug and a loop around the base of the shaft), this can make for a very interesting and intense effect, the synchronisation of both e-stim and the stroking makes it feel like something else entirely.

We are considering adding E-Stim support for SexLikeReal. Not sure where to start though.

Update: Any E-stim users around? Should we make it work with VR and flat videos?

Figuring out compatible devices. For estim there are currently quite a lot of devices, but as nothing is standard here. Trying to force a standard (by looking at which features are most often supported), you can motivate companies to follow that path.

Device manufacturers that dont follow that standard are now motivated to implement that anyway, as otherwise they might potentialy miss out sales.

I think this would generaly be the best way to kickstart it, as in this market its otherwise not very likely companies will follow.

Luckily at least, manufacturers are aware of using standard electrode connections (sure, the jacks can change, but there are adapters here for most standard types). Its mostly the powerboxes where this is lacking.

An example feature that i think is a good point to start with: The capability to process audio (either using an audio channel, or for example using bluetooth audio). Audio is a quite plain signal on that. How the device process the audio can vary a bit, but as this method of transferring data is quite straightforward, its most likely also the easiest to make as a standard.

It also does enable tweaking in the UI as it generaly works using a sine wave as audio signal, strength and frequency can be adjusted (either in the client or on the powerbox). And cannot be confused with a constant power stream (no position change means no audio, therefor no stimulation), yet if required is easily converted.

If you have a venus 2000 or similar, conductive sleeves are available, and work well. As these are flexible thin silicone tubes, you could fairly easily use the tube for other applications.

Except the receivers from the venus/tremblr arent very handy capable. The pushing force of the handy will cause excessive pressure built up, and that will either cause the sleeve to pop off, tear, or permanently deform. Or you need to set the pressure that low it effectively doesnt do a lot (the down movement will still pull a vacuum then)

Its better to just modify the sleeve to work with normal silicon sleeves: take a wide stroker (the open ended handy sleeves will work), pull the sleeve through it and bend the start and end over. The ‘wide’ part is so the sleeve going to remain a bit in position within the sleeve. While it will remove the sleeve texture at that point, latex can still provide enough friction to feel it, and bigger bumps will just be felt through the sleeve.

If this sleeve then gets 1 of the contacts, and the other one is placed behind your balls using a cock ring. the estim will be able to pass well through it, and since the entire sleeve is contact, it wont cause pain from sudden contact/release.

And yes, this should work quite well since you dont realy change much at the other places. its just a conversion of a sleeve to have an estim inner liner.

I wasnt thinking of using the venus receiver, just buy some of the conductive lining which is stretchy/flexible, and put it inside your fave sleeve. Probably need a sleeve with a rigid exterior a la quickshot for example, so you can fix the conductive lining with elastic bands or o rings. NNB you can make a bipolar sleeve too, by splitting it vertically into 2 wide strips and fixing those to a rigid external sleeve.

The sleeves are generaly tight enough that if you bend it over the edge, the friction from the sleeve alone will be enough to keep it in place. All that is needed is that the toy has a narrow section in which the sleeve can grip itself (so a quickshot without case works).

As long as no lube can get between the sleeve and the case or toy, it wont be able to slide off. And since the sleeves are generaly very tight, its unlikely to allow any lube to seep through.

Note that this same trick already works with condoms (to be able to use an open ended sleeve without the mess).

Bipolar is a bit more difficult as the internal part of the sleeve can slide out as it will catch some lube there. Its very likely not going to stay in place as well. But if you have glue that works for latex, you could make a single sleeve with a unconductive middle section.

And for reference, those sleevs (liners), you could buy them here:

And for tremblr users, these sleeves also work for it, although the see through one makes no sense as the receiver isnt transparent anyway (could be used to reduce the texture in it - which i wouldnt recommend doing though). But its estim one can be used!

But even then, you can (using some adapters for the hosing) use a venus type receiver as alternative to the tremblr receiver.

I’ve also seen pics of people using conductive tube - maybe 4 or 6 mm dia just wrapped round the whole sleeve and tied or using one of those plastic clips for jackets to retain it. Obvs the 2mm hole in the middle is a connector. As many poles as you want. The conductive silicone is much cheaper elsewhere, and its the same. currentpleasures dot com.

They also sell the connectors and have use case pics

Has there been any progress on this since your post in May? This would probably be my #1 request for SLR and would be a game changer due to how no one else currently is doing this.

Finishing current cycle of development, mostly flat app and videos support. Then will jump into Estim.

Please contact me if anyone looking to try it out while in development

Also choosing the right device Reddit - Dive into anything to start with

The DG Labs Coyote would be my pick as I know that’s becoming a hugely popular toy in the estim market. Will email you!

just a small point, i have had to thow away a dg labs coyote - it is poorly made, one channel started to play up, it was being linked t o the other channel occasionally and sometimes cutting out. estim systems 2b seems much better made"

Use pads and a condom, that is what I have seen used in a video.

While it will work quite well, the condom will reduce the movement sensation (and for some people this can be a quite big reduction). But this seems to be a very easy setup at least, and can definitely be a good one.

There is a good chance that this will do its job fine.