Anyone using the SR6 as a daily driver?

I just built one and used it for maybe 5 hours. Already got a dead servo. I did not go with the DS3218 as recommended in the docs. I went with these:

My question is, if you use the SR6 frequently, how often do you replace servos? I’m guessing some servos are DOA from the manufacturer, but have you found a servo that takes any abuse a SR6 will throw at it? Should I just get $200 servos, or is the design just hard on servos no matter what they are? This SR6 is fantastic, but not at $30/week in servos to keep it going. I intend to use it daily so need something that will last, no matter what the cost. Appreciate any help or insight!

I got these and they’ve been going strong for over a year now, with my SR6 as a daily driver.

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Thank you sir! I opened the faulty servo and I think the FT5330Ms are just cheap. A solder blob from the power leads looks like it flowed and shorted a nearby connection. I had a 40mm fan mod to cool the servos, but I think these just have bad QC. I’ll give those a try!

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Looks like the servo gears are still perfect - no signs of wear at all. Not an issue with the SR6 design! I do need to modify the STL to make the 4 arm servos swappable from the outside of the case without having to open everything up. Pitcher ones face inward so no way to get around that. I attached short servo extensions straight to the power bus/pins, so if I need to swap one out I just unplug/plug in a new servo to the extension. Being able to just unscrew all 4 screws of the servo from the outside might look uglier, but so much more convenient.

I’ve been running an SR6 for around 18 months and found the cheapest servos are garbage - they don’t last long and are too slow. I found that a lot of these servos probably didn’t even meet the spec. I replaced all my servos about 6 months ago with better quality ones and absolutely no issues since. Has probably done 100 hours of work with no failures and still running fast.

What price point did you settle on per servo? I absolutely cannot recommend the TF5330M sevos at $24 each. Here’s a pic of what happened to the one that failed, The solder on the right power wire heated up and flowed into the top right pin on the chip.

Had two more go dead since I wrote this post. The FT5330M are just outright terrible. Avoid at all costs!!! Time to try those DS3235/25SG servos. If those burn out too, I’m done for now.

I ordered these 25 kg servos on AliExpress. Very happy with them and would buy again when needed.

I ended up going with these babies here

I’m scared to try them out tho. My power bus is the Wago connector version. Should be no problem doubling up two servo wires per lever right? I did that on my old ones but they apparently ran hot enough to make solder on the servo chips flow.

I’ve been running 6x 3235sg (the 30/35 dollar 35kg blue servos). 4 of them have been used for 1.5 years and 2 have been used for a little more as they were installed in my osr2.
The osr2 wore out the red servo’s very quickly and also started to eat through the blue ones. I think that the weight of a fleshlight with added resistance is just too much for 2 servo’s with extended use/fast paced scripts.
Since moving to the SR6 I have yet to replace any servo, even the semi-worn servo’s are still functional. The blue (coreless) servos are also a lot quieter than the red servos.

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