Anything with poppers

Get a feeling for your poppers first.
If you have a handsfree setup - nice.
If you don’t, you should pause the video, take a long deep huff, hold your breath, close bottle and unpause.
You don’t want that liquid anywhere else, I can promise you that.

There is no need to worry about the fumes for the headset, you shouldnt have it under your nose all the time.

Another method is the sock method (maybe look it up), where you put 1 or 2 drops on the toe end, roll it up and then keep it between your teeth and take some huffs or breath with it through the mouth. Beware though it can get strong (probably the strongest method). The duration will also be a bit longer. Throw it in the washing machine afterwards. Don’t use colored socks.

Oh and I think I don’t have to say this, but never drink this stuff.

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Thanks for the tips!

I built my hands free setup on day one of getting my Handy so I’m good on that front.

I know of the sock method, but I haven’t tried it yet. Do you keep dipping the sock in poppers after a few breaths?

It should be fine for a few huffs.
You’ll maybe even get a effect a while after you put it away.
If you still want more I recommend just using a new sock.
You could use the old sock, but the fumes will get a bit harsh on your throat the longer they’re in there.

Don’t overdo it though with this method. Depending on the poppers you may get coughs the next day.
You have to get a feel for it for yourself and use common sense. :slight_smile:

I was thinking something like this, and that’s why I asked.

I’ve been fortunate that I haven’t experienced any negative side effects yet. I’ll probably stick with my spice jars for a bit because it’s been easy to titrate my doses while still able to get big heavy hits (which is important to me! :rofl:).

Toilet paper is just easier to dispose of. You can flush the toilet paper, whereas you’d be throwing away the q-tips, which would make the room containing the trash can smell like poppers.

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I personally have not tried these but Amazon sells reusable nasal inhalers. Add 3 or 4 drops to an instertable cotton wick, slide it into the inhaler and slowly huff away. Do a search for refillable nasal inhaler.

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Looks amazing! Do you still have the Script for it?

It’s not my script, and I don’t know why the post was deleted, so I’m not comfortable posting it, sorry. The original author may want to sell it or something.

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I once used an ffp2 mask.
It’s quite nice as it holds it self aboth your nose and mouth.

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Is there good place to found poppers video in quantity. Like pmv with instruction or Joi but not with extrem stuff ? Just videos i’m not talking about interactive stuff

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A lot of video sites (like pornhub) started censoring videos with popper in the title due to their legal ambiguity. You can still search for popper videos on some sites, but you might need to try other terms. One that seems common is “Aroma.” A lot of poppers videos got re-uploaded as aroma videos.

There’s not really a dedicated site for them though. The closest thing would be which has a lot of poppers content, but it’s mostly gay/ts/sissy stuff, so if you’re looking for hetero or lesbian content, you’ll need to try other places.

Thanks! I ordered a 3 pack of aluminum inhalers of the exact same design as the plastic ones. I might also get the plastic ones, but at this time I’m unclear on how concerned I should be about the plastic.

This sounds like a good idea. Since with the sock you breathe in through your mouth and out through your nose, was there any problem with having both your mouth and nose in the mask? Did the poppers not last very long since you’re exhaling against them each breath?

Exhaling wasn’t really an issue.
I couldn’t wear it too long because it was incredibly intensive. My whole body was buzzing.

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This has been my major frustration about looking for poppers vids. I only want straight hetero sex, sometimes I just want to look at pretty girls in bikinis, and to make things even more difficult I don’t really like humiliation and being called names and stuff like that. In fact, I wouldn’t mind a few videos that make a point of telling me how awesome I am.

It would be really cool if there was some kind of software we could run our already scripted videos through to make poppers versions. Something that adds the poppers text and voice cues at appropriate times but otherwise keeps the video intact so it doesn’t need to be rescripted. Maybe it could even analyze the script in order to place the cues right before the most intense parts. I haven’t used the AutoPMV software, but it sounds sophisticated enough that maybe it could be the kind of thing that eventually does this.


Got the exact same profile. I’m working in IT so could be able to create a stuff like that but not experimented in video manipulation and editing through code. Maybe if the video got also a funscript for it it’ possible to found the intense part and place inhale instruction at good place.

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I would be interested in hearing back from you on how well they work (or not). I have been on the fence about buying them.

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I should be able to let you know sometime this week!

That’s exactly what I was thinking. Something that looks at the script and you give it instructions like
No less than n inhales every n minutes.
No more than n inhales every n minutes.
Insert inhale n seconds prior to intensity greater than n.
Insert inhale n seconds prior to change in intensity greater than n.

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I foud a way to add text instruction and maybe sound. I will try to do something user frendly in the week