Anyway to play Handy scripts on Pigasus on Quest 2

Might be missing something and just behind but I’m still running all my Handy scripts on DEO VR… I love Pigasus it’s just a cleaner clearer picture… I would like to play my scripts on Pigasus + Handy but obviously there’s no options for that? Does anyone have software ideas or a walkthrough/guide on how to play scripts on Quest 2 through the Pigasus App? Cheers & thanks in advance

ı have literally begged developers from hanginghatstudios for this option but they doesnt care for now. It really hearts that with an app which has an great potential doesnt care it’s customers ideas. Its gui is not so posh but i can fairly say that it’s better than shitty DEOVR and SKYBOX. You have to wait and hope that this guy to want do something about that or post their reddit channel


Thanks, well that’s a shame… Haven’t used it in awhile and I completely forgot just how fn good the res is on it… I mean Wankz/Povr scenes @ 120fps look damn near realistic… It’s that damn good of a player, blows deo/skybox out of the water… You’d think they or someone would implement some kind of interactive feature with it smh…

I did the exact same thing>>>>>got a reply stating that they have no interest in supporting 200 degree videos and no interest in supporting Handy.

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Great, smh that seems nonsensical…

Maybe if they had remote control API it could be added to Scriptplayer/HandyControl as an option, but I don’t think they do sadly :frowning:

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Yeah they don’t eh well stuck with DEOVR I guess which sucks… lol thanks everyone for the info

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