Anyway to play scripts on mobile phone for handy?

I just got handy, and the experience it brought was far better than what launch offered me beforehand XD
However, I’m not sure how to play scripts via phone by handy. I tried doing that through handyfeeling to no avail. The site tells me that it is connected, but handy doesn’t move.
Any suggestions?

Sorry I can help you but what is the biggest diff between launch and handy for you ?

It works for me without an issue on android

What smartphone OS do you use? Android or iPhone?

you need to input your device code and connect first. Then go to: HandyFeeling

Launch was far to cumbersome for me… too heavy to handle
Handy is much smaller, and you can actually use different sleeves if you wish

Android, but it’s more of an issue where some videos just would work :stuck_out_tongue: