Are scripts that have been recreated allowed?

There are many scripts from that unfortunately have only live playback of scripts with no option to download the script. My internet is rather choppy so I always choose to download scripts/videos. I have been using a vr controller attached to my osr2 to record the scripts live from as they played. Is it allowed to share those scripts that I made here? Example would be this video FapTap | The Interactive Porn Experience

I am not sure if that would be a problem. One thing I know would be a problem is if you augmented a script that you payed for and and then re-released it for free, but if you’re getting all your material from faptap I personally dont see an issue with it. Even if you do post your scripts, I dont think you’d get instantly banned if you were doing something incorrectly.

I’d like to learn more about how you’re recording scripts using a vr controller…

I can imagine it being as simple as strapping that controller onto the handy instead of a sleeve


OT - you could also film the device running the script and use motion tracking to capture the movement.

Recording is not required on FapTap. You can just download the csv file and convert it to a funscript. I am not sure if you can do this with an OSR2. Anyway, with the handy it works, since it has to send the csv to the handy api. Just open the developer console in your browser - I’m sure you’ll find it :wink:


I have tried extracting the .funscript file from faptap but I couldn’t find it through inspect. Could you show me how it looks like downloading the csv with a handy?

Sent you a message.

I use JoyFunScripter which has the ability to use a vr controller to make funscripts. I set play on faptap and record-on-the-fly on JFS at the same time


Man, that is some creative problem solving right there. I’d like to think I’d have come up with something like that but I don’t think I would.

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