Are SLR Originals videos worth scripting?

SLR Originals are among my favourite videos but some of them have been waiting for a script for a few months, to the point where I’m considering scripting them myself. I’m wondering whether this is a waste of time?

Is the idea still for every SLR Original video to have a script? I wouldn’t want to put all that time in only for it to be a wasted effort. I have credit just sitting there on my SLR account so my preference is definitely to use that first.

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That is probably a question for @Realcumber . However, there are 30+ videos where scripting is in progress. Have a look at the link below if you haven’t already.

Yes @sentinel is correct - I have all slr originals in the works and planned to be released - just takes time and a good amount of mental strength to keep persisting since they are all really long lol, but it will happen :slight_smile:

All good if you want to try any yourself, as everyone scripts differently anyways, but if you have been waiting, thanks for your patience

I am prioritizing getting all slr originals done much much more these days so expect them sooner than later released if you are hoping to pick them up when completed :slight_smile:

(You can also message or comment on any scenes you would like to see prioritized too)

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Having scripted some VR videos myself… I feel every word of this

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Go for it. We plan to introduce multiscript feature for videos whenever we see there’s enough interest from vendors. Users will have an option to choose between vendors