Are the official SLR and CzechVR scripts good?

I’m considering subscribing to them, but I wonder if the scripts are decent?

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As with all things, there are ups and downs. I remember CVR having some rough patches at the beginning, for instance, when they were releasing free scripts for advice.

But, in general: Yes, quite good.


IMO, the scripts from SLR and CzechVR are really good and worth the money. Many of them (SLR and CzechVR) were created by the GOAT @Realcumber

I̵f̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵w̵a̵n̵t̵ ̵t̵o̵ ̵c̵h̵e̵c̵k̵ ̵t̵h̵e̵ ̵q̵u̵a̵l̵i̵t̵y̵ ̵y̵o̵u̵ ̵c̵a̵n̵ ̵t̵r̵y̵ ̵t̵h̵i̵s̵ ̵S̵L̵R̵ ̵O̵r̵i̵g̵i̵n̵a̵l̵s̵ ̵s̵c̵r̵i̵p̵t̵s̵ ̵f̵o̵r̵ ̵f̵r̵e̵e̵:̵

EDIT: Sorry, I mixed something up. This video was free at some point in the past. I am pretty sure that there was another screne where a free script was included. Unfortunley I don’t remember the title and can’t find it.


How do you download for free?

Sorry I mixed something up. This video was free in past not the script.
I updated my reply.

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The scripts available at places like SLR and are top quality. Every script on there is checked by quality control. That, or made by someone who has proven they provide the needed consistency and quality. You can be confident in the scripts you would find there.

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Is NaughtyAmerivaVR still releasing scripts for new scenes? Had a sub at beginning of last year and the scripts from that time where to my opionion lightyears behind the great quality of releases on realsync, SLR and CzechVR.

Would be interesting to know if NAVR had improved over the year. Don’t know if some of the scripters here are now doing scripts for NAVR, too.

Thanks a ton @linuxguy :hugs:!!

I cant speak for recent CzechVR work as I no longer work there that is correct, but you can rest assured that any one of My Scripts on SLR are definitely top of the line experiences

I’ve been doing this for a long long time, and I still to date use these scripts a ton myself, and only strive for maximum possible immersion, and using them personally is hugely key to that

You’re also right though @linuxguy - there used to be free videos and scripts on SLR, but it was a company decision to no longer have those, as the best experiences will always be the latest newest ones that keep coming out that will best showcase the true quality that can be currently enjoyed at SLR

There still seems to be free videos: Free VR Porn - watch free full length VR sex videos | SexLikeReal
The Cyber Seductress script was the one that was free at some point but that’s no longer the case.

havent tried chechvr but i can vouche for slr scripts. Some of best scripts came across actually, made by realcucumber