Are there any really free fast and intense scripts

Really looking for videos with fast scripts that are actually quick and full strokes. There is so many of them that say intense but the intense part isn’t even intense at all since it just vibrates the handy and that does little to nothing for me

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Maybe this one should do friend :innocent: :wink:

maybe visit these two in their portfolio @Wolf7 @EvelynEvil666

Have you tried learning how to use Open Funscripter?
It’s quite easy to learn and you can script your own stuff to your liking.
Try this with this video:
546364 - 3D Animated Ashley_Graham Blender Resident_Evil_4_Remake Sound Trahao.funscript (6.4 KB)

Look up the portfolio of AHE. He has some really amazing scripts with a lot of variety and intensities.

Search 4 red light green light :wink:

i don’t have a portfolio per se…well not the script collection…

Time to upgrade to a OSR2 with some heavy duty servos :slight_smile: Seems like you’re exceeding the capabilities of the toy.

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Yeah I saw that recently next week I might get that
:sweat_smile: but what do you think is the best to get, there’s a lot.

I’m currently working on a full stroke script that is extremely fast, but the issue is hardware speed, unfortunately there is a “speed” cap on the devices. Specifically handy has a speed cap of 600. Anything faster than 600, the handy spazes out and wont read the script correctly.