Are there any workflow tools for scripters?

It seems like there are a lot of scripters or want-to-start-scripting type folks on the forums here. Are there any workflow management tools that are being used by any of you? I mean things like github to source control your scripts and help cross-collaboration easier. Maybe even Trello boards to track what the individuals/community are working on and/or would like to work on in the future.

I’m interesting in either what individuals do around this or what the wider community uses to work together. Maybe it is just the messages here on euroscripts (which is F’ing awesome BTW). Maybe there is something more I just haven’t found?


The only WIP I know about are RealSync and SLR using google docs.

When I start on a new script I search for it there and here on the forums to see that no one has written anything in regards to scripting the same video.

I’d certainly be interested in something like this. Now, before I script something, I’ll search around lots of different places, including prolific scripters posts, to make sure I’m not doing something redundant. It’s a bit of extra work that could be done without.

I’d love to see a centralized place where people who want to participate can coordinate projects, maybe a discord already exists? I dunno if this forum is into that level of organization or not though.

I do think any central resource like this has to be agnostic, ie not tied to a company who may have their own agenda. Just my two cents.

I also agree that any sort of tool(s) around this would need to be agnostic. Maybe even in conjunction with @hugecat here at euroscripts, since this place seems to be the agreed-upon and trusted community hub for all of this activity.

I’m thinking these are some of the features that would be nice to see:

  • A real database of all the scripts that have already be written. This would be a huge resource for those wanting to consume the scripts, but also for those wanting to create new scripts.
  • A Trello/kanban board type of system that “the community” could use/view. (if you don’t know what trello is, I can explain)
    • This would allow for the community to view/request scripts
    • Scripters could track their own work and status that could be either private or public.
      • Example: Somebody requests a scripting of a PH PMV, an inspired scripter could take ownership of that request and you wouldn’t have to worry about someone else duplicating that effort.
    • This could be used to organize collaborations. I’m not sure how much scripters work together, or scripters and video editors work together, but a tool like this could make collaborations a lot easier. I think more collaborations would result in better videos/scripts and more of them. You could even divide up the work of scripting a video between scripters (“Bob you take minutes 1-20 and I’ll do minutes 21-30” etc.)
    • When scripts are “completed” here they could be added (automatically?) to the “real database of scripts” I described at the start.
  • A way to track the funscripts better than just downloads on forums.
    • The type of thing that comes to mind for me would be a type of source control system.
    • I’m pretty sure funscripts are just json (plain text) which means they can easily be source-controlled.
    • I’m curious if you can even “merge” funscripts using source control (or similar tools) to actually allow for splitting up of the work on the videos.
    • Downloads of scripts wouldn’t just disappear if the random link-hosting system goes away, like what seems to have happened with realsyncscripts (this was dead before I came along, so I’m not 100% sure what it was)

I know this stuff sort of sounds like what you would do at a “job” but I can tell people in this forum have a lot of passion for the work or they wouldn’t spend so much time on the scripting and support. These types of systems and processes can really improve the rate and quality of the work, as well as making things easier on the scripters – i.e., so they can focus on scripting and not manual process management.

lots of good ideas floating around. I’d say in general, the admins can potentially help by opening up certain APIs, though I’m not sure how helpful they’d be.

But aside from that, this definitely seems like it’d be best as a community driven project. Perhaps there are users who would step up to lead this charge?

The problem is that for plenty of videos, you can make diffirent script versions:

  • multiaxis (linear scripts often compensate for missing movement, where multiaxis often can just use the proper axis)
  • full/half/variety stroke scripts for CH
  • PMVs allow a lot of variety
  • Launch limits, handy limits etc can cause scripts to be adjusted.

Any database for scripts must include such information to realy be useful, which means a lot more management has to take place. Otherwise just the thread list is going to be enough.

And not to forget, those scripts should be linked towards a video. A video title for example isnt enough as some videos are uploaded under 4 diffirent titles. But the moment such video isnt on a site like PH, those links are guaranteed to expire at some point. This again makes it nearly unmanagable.

Sure, you can still link it to actors, and even expired links can still provide a connection. But it doesnt make it easier. Especialy since a lot of reuploads also often change the timing a bit (to cause a diffirent hash and avoid detection), or just cut out entire sections. Those modifications also mean a slightly modified script. Making each of these a diffirent one is going to be disruptive

A database sounds nice, but in this case its most likely not going to work due to these limitations.

@SomeoneRandom I don’t disagree with any of those problems, and the “database” would certainly have to be a little free-form in design to allow for easy tracking of the variations and updated/altered versions. I wouldn’t think it would be a whole lot more complex than the google spreadsheet maintained for the VR videos – but probably slightly more complex to account for some of the dimensions you mentioned.

Also don’t all the various problems you just described about videos/links expiring/disappearing and the multiple versions of the scripts, sort of highlight just how hard it is to try to find anything using our current forum-only method of tracking all of this? I personally hate reading threads from 2020 or 2021 because I know a lot of the info is now invalid and links broken. So I end up only using scripts that are recently posted and feel like I’m missing out on a lot older (but still great) scripts.

I agree that keeping a database accurate wouldn’t be easy (and maybe not strictly necessary) but having some centralized data store would be a step up from what everyone has to deal with today.

I actually think some of the negatives you highlighted are huge opportunities for a database of funscripts. For example:

  • I think it would be really cool to know/try all the variations on multiple scripts for the same PMV. Frankly I didn’t even know about that until you said it, and it sounds awesome! Where can I find those variations at so I can try them? (Future answer: they’re all linked in the database)
  • Multiaxis is going to be a huge thing once there is a handy-like commercial version IMO, but it looks complicated and tedious to do the scripting and download/manage all the scripts associated with it. Who even knows which one(s) of the ~6 scripts attached to the post applies to their toys? Having a database that brings some logic to this would it more consistent.
  • Maybe it could even be the start of an API that websites/apps could query to automatically find and run the funscripts needed for a given video. Imagine a chrome extension that automatically pulled down the funscript for any video when you visit it on PH and starts running it right away in realtime (assuming the video has a script for it – which the database would know!)

So IMO the database is just the start of a larger set of possibilities, but is also central to those future possibilities.

While its hard to identify its details, its as freeform as it can get (nearly at excel sheet level).

The forum has a few advantages as it generaly will exclude minor changes as being a change. Minor can be things like:

  • Diffirent speed limitation
  • Cumshots made as a vibration section
  • Fixes for video sources

And instead of forcing a database on it, it just works based on requests. There is no complete/incomplete thing going on here.

The only reason a database would be more convenient is because of search capabilities, but this should already be managable with a better crawler and search optimization algorythm. And yes, the current search is on that quite basic by simply using text and tags (and not things like urls, or even have slight awareness of script types).

Having such database could obviously be helpful as a tool to improve the search, but it will only work when the search uses that. People arent going to open random excel files after all, they are lazy (which isnt a bad thing here - that they already can be lazy shows the basics are decent).

I dont know how much discourse can realy be adjusted to use custom search algorythms. If they do support that, then a database even if only partialy optimized can make quite a diffirence. But that then also means that all current script pages should have a way to mark a script a certain way (which is going to be a lot of effort). Especialy considering scripts can be placed in a comment.

Those are certainly valid points. I do think if there was really good search here on eroscripts it would somewhat mitigate the need for a database. I don’t think the search that exist right now is good enough, but there is the potential for a really good search that solves a lot of these needs.

What is powering eroscripts here? Is this discourse (@hugecat pointed to a discourse API) or some other software?

Having the holy grail tool would be nice, but a database that allows you to search if scripts already exits would already be a huge improvement.

yes discourse

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