Are there scripts for anal toys like edge 2?

So far from what I can see, most of the scripts on this site are for devices to jerk the cock like the Handy. Ar ethere any scripts that are used for anal toys like edge 2 to stimulate HFO?

If so, can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks!

All these scripts work with vibrating toys, at least if you’re using scriptplayer. Scripts aren’t necessarily made for them, but in my experience it gets the job done.

Ah okay. Is there a way to filter the scripts so that you can find the scenes that would be consistent with a buttplug? Either hypno or pegging or something like that? Otherwise, it would be weird to have a buttplug script with a typical P in V video

i know there are a few scripts for trans and gay VR vids so there should be a few for 2d vids as wel, but they might only be for the parts where you’re doing the penetration.
I have no idea if there are scripts for pegging but all combined there will not be many.
. If fuck machines get compatible with the buttplug app i bet more of them will appear ( i would script the kinkvr lauren phillips pegging scene if it did).