Are we getting rid of the direct-dl tag?

Cause the number of posts with the tag has suddenly, and significantly, dropped.

Sorry, I think it is my fault. I missunderstood the #paid-media thing and deleted some #direct-dl too. I wanted to change it yesterday but I run into post change limit. I checked my browser history today and I think I revive all posts with working direct-dl. But I will check again tomorrow.

But the tag is really useless because 50% of the posted megas not working anymore. The tag is just another obvious piracy tool. We should get rid of it. There are a lot more useful tags that not used enough which makes finding preferences and tastes more easier.


Maybe a tag like public-source could be its alternative, as that implies both mega and streaming sites, but removes the part of it being downloadable. It does exclude paid videos on streaming sites (unless maybe they had a temporary action in which a video was free for a week), since a paid video is not publicly available.

And for pirated content… its neutral enough to not imply anything. It just said the source was public.

If it was taken down, it doesnt even mean a streaming source or new mega is needed as replacement, it just asks for something public. And just like all other sources, it can still be taken down, thats just how it goes and i dont think you need to handle this any diffirent way.

Without any replacement, removing the direct-dl tag has a negative effect. And thats not piracy related, its to identify videos that do not rely on a paid media site. We cant tell if it truly was pirated, or just a direct download of a stream, since if its the latter, barely anything changes. An illegal PH link is just as bad as a mega download on that part, and both are equaly managable for takedown requests.

But at least my tag suggestion resolves 1 thing, it implies the legal part is not handled on this site, but it mitigated towards whatever source the video was uploaded to.

i can’t find the topic right now, but I recall that we wanted to deprecate the #direct-dl tag completely. The absence of #no-free-links implies that anyone can share a link in the comments even if the OP did not. Additionally, videos can get taken down. However, not everyone can update the tags, and there’s no way to guarantee that #direct-dl will stay up to date. So it ends up being misleading more than anything.