Are you a SexLikeReal user?

Thx man. I’m excited to have you with us

We do have some plans with Choose VR Conk, VRB Trans, VRB Gay, Blow VR scenes you want to see on SLR - SLR VR porn videos and interactive sex toys hangout. Feel free to pick up.

Also make sure you’ve tried VRSpy Videos: Download Best 360 Full VR Porn | SexLikeReal. It’s super popular

I voted for “Yes (Active Scripts Premium or Pay Per Script user)” because I’ve bought multiple user made scripts. In the past, I was a subscriber, but between the support for phones dropped(now fixed?) and bandwidth issues like another user mentioned, I stopped.

If I’m able to use my phone to download a scene overnight and use the scripts I’ve already purchased, I’ll probably give it another go.

that’s exactly how it works and we plan to expand even further into smartphones (non-VR, no Cardboards)

curious to know your feedback

My internet speed has doubled (250mb) but 8k videos still stream at ~4-6k. It was actually streaming higher quality in the past when I had 80mb. So quality cuts happened on that front somewhere along the pipeline.

Quest app updates more often than I’d like to have to plug it into a pc. I can’t be bothered and all vender-locked vr browsers are pretty low quality. Dying and greedily grasping what they can instead of innovating. Pretty normal for the industry.

Heresphere is a better experience once I’ve downloaded. At some point there won’t be be a very compelling reason to stay subscribed at the price point. Supporting the HereSphere api would go a long way. ChechVR did that but is even less worth the pricing for scripted viewers.

I’m not poking too much at the actual or perceived value here either. SLR is a great product and without much in the way of competition. However, it’s twice the price of Netflix with under half the usage seen in a world where Netflix has pushed their pricing and offering to a level where I consider dropping it entirely. SLR is a middle+ class pricing as a product right now. Which I don’t think aligns too well with the target demo pool of humans. But it does with the money as that curve looks different xD

Always gonna be checking out what you guys get up to even if not active at the time as it gets very interesting sometimes.


Thx for insightful feedback :pray:

DeoVR team gets greatly re-vamped with some strong engineers leading the effort for the ultimate performance.

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I was once before, but removing the API except for DEOVR and the limit on downloading scripts kind of got me to unsub, and then when I felt like re-subbing I saw that a lot of the actresses I like or studios I liked were no longer on there or were not making videos for SLR.

I may come back in the future, but it’s a pricy sub for maybe consuming one or two videos a month of the new stuff since there are only a few actresses or videos that pique my interest now.

Personal preference here, this isn’t to downplay or lambast all the hard work and effort going into the content. Just not currently for me.


Thx for a feedback. Doing our best to make things work.

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I’ve been subbed for 2 months and spent an ungodly amount to buy individual scripts. I can’t use the streaming since I only have Cardboard running through VRidge to emulate PCVR. Hence can only watch offline.

Will get Quest 3 and see if the streaming works ok but I don’t think I’ll be subbed for long. It’s very expensive and the download limits are quite restrictive. Most of the videos aren’t scripted and even though you have touted here in another post how you’ve “nailed” the AI scripts, they are still so bad that I would have to manually fix and clean them by hand if I wanted to use them. Buying access to the scripts on top of the high sub price is going to be a hard value proposition for me.

I also don’t own a Handy. I got a Kiiroo Keon and connecting that was a bit of a pain when I tried it once. Did manage to get it connected but I can’t really stream with my current setup.

Also all the instructions on how to set the site up are fairly confusing and feel sometimes even outdated. I don’t want to tell you how long it took me to stumble upon how to get SLR open on DeoVR. The site still has issues today such as not letting me click on “Upgrade now!” button when I wanted to view the lifetime sub info.

How your employees respond and address comments on the site is also a big turn off. You either ridicule or come across as stand-offish. It’s pretty hard to trust your money with a company that thinks they know better and continue “sniffing their own farts” instead of addressing issues properly. When you do answer semi-reasonably you throw the “but we are more popular now so we must be doing things right!” while lacking the understanding of correlation vs causation. It takes training to interpret analytical data and you can’t just equate “line go up” as being necessarily on the right path.

Having to use DeoVR doesn’t bother me but I would’ve liked options such as Heresphere.

Now I do like the selection on the site a lot. I like more immersive and more amateurish vibes to my videos and you have the library to cater to that. Those rarely get scripted by humans and as long as AI scripts remain unusable, the value proposition is not there. I feel like I have just about enough bandwidth to stream 4k well, which is fine by me. As long as Q3 has a good enough WiFi receiver. So I’ll reserve ultimate judgement after trying with Quest 3. But the gripes I’ve listed above are things I’d like to see resolved or addressed at some point.


Anyone else having some scripts not show up in the app at the moment? The scripts show fine on the website and they are listed under the sex toy scripts tag but the icon is missing and they don’t play.

An example I just tried to watch is the recent Madison Wilde passthrough scene.


Good luck with that. From my experience, I wouldn’t hold my breath.


Thx for bringing it up. Doing our best to figure things out.

You can have scripts and sex toys work with a smartphone, no VRc required.

Also brand new AI scripts have got much better. Check it out :+1: