Aussie interest in SR6?OSR2's?

Hey Guys,

I’ve been thinking about building/selling the above mentioned devices here in the land of Aus, shipping from just about anywhere in the world, plus exchange rate can really sting. Given the bulk and weight I’m guessing the postage is huge.

I can’t afford to go ahead and make a couple of each plus all the options then open up a website and hope for sales, especially in such a small market, so for now at least it would just be made to order, I would give an indicative lead time and keep communication open.

I won’t be undercutting any of the more established sellers here, and having a look their pricing looks pretty fair, so given mine will be made to order and not sitting in stock, I won’t post prices. If you’re interested send me a message and we can move on from there, I’m happy to show you my work and we can talk on the phone if you’re keen to make sure I’m a real person :slightly_smiling_face:

I have been wondering about the same thing - is there demand for local high quality product? Given the complexity of the device I think there is always room at the top of the market for high quality product and some honest after sales support.

Honestly, sort of depends on what they would cost. I’m currently happy with my Handy though.

Well I’m a bit worried now Rod, we’ve got two suppliers for zero demand :sweat_smile:

@stustustustu the handy is great, I had one of those first, my ‘gateway’ product :joy: but it’s just blown away by the SR6. They’re a very different beast though, they won’t ever be a true plug and play, whether it be DIY or pre-made, they still take a bit of work.

Pricing is tricky, you can spend $20-$100ea on servos alone (actually more, but that’s nuts), and there’s 7 servos :face_with_spiral_eyes:!!! With a $140-$700 spread just on cost price of one of the components you can see why.

I’m genuinely keen on making them, I enjoy building, I have a solid history of building quality stuff, so I thought I’d offer.

You are safe HandyG I’m not a supplier but I am keeping an occasional tab on the concept for the person who built mine. You rightly point out its an expensive (and amazing) product with currently thin demand…

I doubt anyone would be too likely to go into home based mass production and its likely to be a craft done mostly for satisfaction of building - priced to recoup the costs with a little beer money on top as a thankyou.

Yeah and that’s really why I’ve not really attempted to go that way yet, I’ve got a fairly simple Handy setup that works relatively well and I can use in bed.

I have a 3D printer and did consider trying to make an OSR2, but decided it wasn’t work the effort.

All good, It was tongue firmly in cheek. If it was a product that I could go and put on a stand at the local markets or sell to the dads at school I’d go for it, but I’m not that brave :sweat_smile: and the issues of servo burnout are hard to handle as a seller, give the option of cheap servos but tell em that they might burn out? Force them to go top end and scare them away?

That’s why I posted it the way I did here, I’d rather it be a chat about what they want and be honest about limitations, see where it takes us.

@stustustustu hey man, if you’ve got a printer you really should have a crack, you can set these up in bed no probs. I’m set up laying in bed chick on top in VR with my Quest, women are pretty much obsolete at this stage… :grimacing:

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