Autoit scripts for adding features to ScriptPlayer for PMV funscripts

the scripts are here:

you’ll need to install the (free) autoit interpreter to use them:

What do these do? there is a more comprehensive readme in the zip file, but in summary:

  • These scripts are mainly useful for people who have funscripts for PMVs, where the movements are largely synched to a regular musical beat. If that’s not what you like you can probably stop reading here.
  • Allow subversions of funscripts to be created with different speeds/beat skip patterns, some parts of the script hidden/included, timeshift to link together different versions of scripts that match for example same music video but with different starting time offsets
  • These subversions are created based off a “skeleton funscript” which you can edit via a tool like openfunscripter. It’s just a regular funscript file but where you input only the “down” beat timings. The scripts then handles equalizing distance between beats, inserting the “up” beats, and adding desired speed variations and patterns. see the readme for more details there are a few additional bells/whistles am not going to detail here. I’ll say that once you get used to it it’s way faster scripting a video this way than by doing the full thing manually.
  • Allow real-time changing between these funscript subversions while using ScriptPlayer (not through SP itself, you need to find a way to trigger the relevant autoit scripts separately e.g. by binding them to a controller button). You can change the script to make things go faster/slower, so that you see the whole script or just the best parts, or even change the video to a different version.
  • Allow for dynamic creation of m3u playlists that SP can use. The way it works is you copy/move around into folders zero-size dummy files that have same root name as your videos, and each folder can then be dynamically made into a playlist. I find this way easier/faster than editing playlists by hand inside SP itself.

I tried to explain best I can in the readme how to use the script package, but I’d say these are probably best suited for people with at least a tiny bit of coding knowledge. Also at first I’d recommend you try running this in a folder with a COPY of your videos/funscripts - some files get deleted / moved around in the process of creating playlists so until you understand what files need to go where best to experiment with copies.

let me know if you have questions/comments, and feel free to change/improve on these as you see fit. I made these because I wanted the features for myself but don’t care about claiming ownership and have no plans (at least for now) for further evolution. I tried to have the code reasonably well commented so should be easy to change things if needed.


Can you maybe if you have time give a step by step process or example of how to do this please. You are very thorough in the description but the process becomes convoluded as a result.

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