Automatic recording of multiaxis scripts from Virt-a-mate

I’ve been toying around with the Eosin VR Recorder for Virt-a-mate, and while it was cool, I felt the whole experience wasn’t there as I then had to script things manually. There already is a TCode plugin by TempestMax, but it does not 1) record 2) support funscript.

So I spent a couple of days learning C# and tampering with the TempestMax plugin, and now I got some automatic multiaxis recordings rendered from Virt-a-mate. I’ll try combining this with a VR recording tomorrow.

For now, I’ve just posted the modded plugin on the VAM hub forums with some sample recordings. I’ll do more updates as the project continues.


I believe @Yoooi 's ToySerialController had this feature too. I couldn’t found it in stable release though.

Yea I forgot I implemented this…

Posted v20 on hub: Virt-A-Mate Hub
And pushed to github: GitHub - Yoooi0/ToySerialController


I actually implemented this yesterday for Yooi’s script too. Virt-A-Mate Hub

EDIT: I had a look at your code, and it looks a lot better than mine. Good idea to clean the curve by Ramer–Douglas–Peucker! First I hear of that algorithm.