Automatic replay funscripts

Hey, I recently bought a Handy and been trying a bunch of different funscripts with it using the local video player on the official Handy site. Some of the scripts are really short, around 30-60s. I can’t find any way to automatically replay the funscripts & videos on the official site for the Handy, and I can’t find any other way to play the scripts and videos together… I know there’s a replay button once the video/script ends, but that gets kind of annoying having to do that every 30 sec.

Anyone know of any way to automatically replay funscripts & videos or know of any third party software that allows for that, or will I just have to learn how to make funscripts and extend the scripts/videos myself?

Right click on the video and select Loop.

Oh, I could have sworn I had already tried that before, but turns out I’m just an idiot.

Thank you.

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