AVN Awards 2023 - Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene

Congratulations SLR to the winnings of Best Virtual Reality Sex Scene of the year!


Too bad there is only one category for VR. I wished to see good scenes that I might have missed.

Nothing wrong with that SLR scene but, for me, it’s not the best example of what makes VR so good (intimacy, etc). I could list 20 other SLR scenes that I would rank higher than that one.


I totally agree. Personally I’m not much for group scenes in VR at all. Two is fine, three maybe, more than that and the drawbacks overshadow the group experience IMHO. This is mainly because usually you only have a couple of girls you really like so the rest just become something that you prefer to skip. Another thing is that you get too little time with each girl unless the video is super long, but then you have to watch it in more than one session unless you can wank for 1.5-2 hours straight.


This video was indeed a huge 2h of cacophony. But I cannot say I didn’t enjoy :smiley:. Same comment though, I could list a bunch of much better (in my humble opinion) “VR” scenes.

Lord in heaven, that one wasn’t even in the top 50.

with a world where there is a place for furries and feets and all the other fetishes… its hard to reach everybody with one single VR scene… everybody’s taste a lil different…

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In my opinion, scenes with a lot of girls are often intense, but they don’t have the immersive effect that you can experience 1:1. And seriously I hope the scripts will reach the public soon. There should definitely be a category: best script of the year.



That was fun


And the best website award goes to