Avoiding ruined orgasms with scripted scenes on the handy

When I first got my handy I used it without funscripts but that got boring fast so I came up with some patterns I liked and wrote a random funscript generator which was nice because I could use it with any video. Then I got into fully scripted scenes which is great but now I need to find a scene I like with speeds and actions I like. It’s the most immersive option but it’s also the most difficult to find goldilocks type scenes, and even worse I have to be mindful about which part of a scene I’m watching when I’m about to finish, which isn’t immersive. Sometimes I’ll go with the flow but there’s a high chance there will be a pause right as I finish and I’ll feel cheated. So I wonder what are others are doing? Do you find a segment of a scene you’d like to finish in and repeat it until you finish? Do you get close and remove the handy to finish manually? Or perhaps switch the handy to green mode?


I just lift the handy off if I’m getting too close to minimize the amount of contact (varying how high I lift depending on how close I get). I find personally that there’s a hill where if I manage to not bust right away then the amount of stimulation I need goes up and I tend to last for the remainder of the session.

In terms of finishing I haven’t really thought about it, but I try to hold out until the end but will otherwise skip towards the end or a good point when I’m gonna finish.

Anecdotal, but I feel like I’m lasting longer after using it for the last year, though I like using other apps that tease and make it more fun (as opposed to getting all set up just to end after a 2 minute video) - though I feel there is not enough of these as I only know of 3.

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I used to struggle with this years ago with the Launch and the OSR2 when I first started using it(if I was intoxicated it was generally worse).

I used the same method as @swordfish69 I would kill power to and or remove Jr. from the device in question. What I found was that over time I was able to get much better control over my orgasms. This also over time reduced my refractory period; as I would kill the device, remain inserted, and would ejaculate without stimulation. I found that after doing so if I immediately turned the device back on I could cum again or even multiple times by repeating the process. Eventually I would cum with stimulation and that would be the end of my session. Very enjoyable.

Now, ruined orgasms aren’t nearly as frustrating as they used to be. Having learned how to “power through it”.

Good luck on your journey.

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I found that a lot of scenes I enjoyed finished too intense for my taste. So I found some scenes that were more to my liking, edited the video to just the last few minutes. Wrote scripts for the short videos and put them in a playlist. When I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I simply switch over to one of the finishing scenes. :+1:


Curious which teasing apps do you use? I’ve been looking for something like this.

My current favorite way to use the handy is to watch blowjob videos and reduce the range to like 0.6-1 and I skip the end where there’s usually like a furious handjob segment or something. This is the only way I can really string together a good session of multiple videos without cleaning up after a few minutes like @swordfish69 said. Then when I’m ready I turn the range back to full 0-1 and go to the last few minutes of a video that I skipped earlier to finish.

Virtual Succubus (program), or manually using the teases/patterns on XToys (web app). Alternatively though less for teasing: Fap Instructor (web app) or the game literally called “Jack Off Instruction” - these last two I’m not sure get updated anymore.

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When I first started using funscripts I had the same problem. It sucked to edge for an hour or more and then have a weak finish. I eventually found parts of scenes that almost always guarantee a strong finish.

A typical session for me goes like this: I watch whatever I’m in the mood for and I pause the video when I’m too close and start again when I’m a bit less sensitive. Sometimes, I have to pick an entirely different video because the one I’m using is too intense. When I’m hungover I tend to be extra sensitive and stick with slower edging scripts.

I edge like this until I’m ready to actually cum, usually an hour or two until I’m about to burst and can’t take anymore, then I switch to my go to finishers:

For BJ scenes, I use the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust. When I want to finish I load Karina’s 1st Gloryhole scene, the script is the one by BobGoblin, it’s further down in the thread. I forget the exact timing, but on the heatmap it’s the first red part (about 5 minutes in). The whole script is a great for BJs, but that is where I finish. Here’s the scene:


For HJs, PMVs, etc. I use the Fleshlight Quick Shot sleeve: When I want to finish, I usually place the video at around 3:00 minutes to start, and at around 3:15 it starts to get crazy intense and stay there for about 30 seconds. I cum very hard and get an intense post orgasm torture finish almost every time. The whole script is crazy intense, and I’m not one for animation porn. The scene is below. I use the regular script, not the simple one. On the page, the second to last GIF is titled ‘Cum Scene Detailed version’, that is the part I finish to and you can see how crazy that part of the script is.



Heresphere has a button binding to start/stop the Handy while movie runs on. May be helpful.

Pornstar dedicated PMV’s with non-stop action, on repeat or a playlist, never disappoint.


Especially the Lisa Ann 2 PMV is non stop action. It’s 8 very stimulating patterns well synchronized.

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I mostly use stash to watch, which allows setting markers. So I set one toward the end where I know it will slow down and then I can kind of time it as it gets close.

What I do is gather a collection of scripts and videos made here by our awesome creators, sort them up in a folder and once the weekend comes (I limit myself to 1 session per week) I open up all the scripts for preview and list them from least to most intense. I try not to ruin the surprise factor by just skimming over to see which color dominates the timeline, if it’s mostly green/yellow then it goes to the beginning, and if it’s orange/red then you’re damn sure that baby goes to the very end :rofl:
And away we go!
Even with a week in between session, with well enough time for a full recovery, I noticed that there’s a certain point that you have to cross over where you don’t fully approach the orgasm, but sort of cross a barrier where you’re in the zone and in my case - able to edge for hours. Sometimes to a point where it seems I might just be unable to cum, but with a good video, audio encouragement and being fully immersed - that point is certain to arrive and each time I have a blast of an orgasm ending in an at least half hour post-orgasm session feeling all the senses. Simply awesome.

Pause the video for a few seconds and then start it again. Sometimes I’ll replay a segment. I like to cum to intense strokes and hate it when the Handy slows down as I’m about to cum :grimacing:

I like to sync my climax with on screen. I use stash and have a marker set at about 20s before cumshot for my favorite scenes. The marker is shown as a little dark grey point in the seeker:

Heatmap is also good for knowing where to skip for more intensity, but it’s not shown in full screen.

Also have filters set up so I can quickly navigate to the best scenes if a vid/script turns out disappointing.

Love stash.

Lots of great feedback, thanks all. I thought i’d share that I just experimented with slowing the video down to transform any scene’s stroke speed to what I want, which is usually slower and it was great. Combining that with planning ahead the scene I’d like to finish to and I’m more confident I’ll have a good finish.

I would guess Stash App together with stash-vr, just google it.

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You know, after god knows how many years of just organizing my porn by folders I never thought or cared to look up if there was any better way of doing this.

Currently this looks like a better way of doing what I was attempting to do, and certainly beats any python scripts I’ve made for generating slideshows. Thanks for posting this.

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really? where/which menu?

Stash better than XBVR?

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