Badoink now has free downloadable funscripts. 30 to start with

Seems like positive news, haven’t seen it discussed elsewhere. Hope the scripts are ok - if anyone’s tried them please report back.

Here’s the scripted scenes - click on a scene and “sex toys” to begin the download. It looks to me like these are full scripts and not tokens, no idea what the quality is like yet, so fingers crossed…

VR Funscript Porn Videos | BaDoinkVR


Someone took a look at em and for the most part they line up alright but they have all the classic hallmarks of ai scripts. So if you have a scene you like, there will be a good base you can modify to be great


That’s what I figured. One of these days I’ll learn to script!


My reaction when I looked at one of them in the graph:




Thanks for this info.

@Polt :rofl:

@vrpicasso No day like today.

I only noticed this today. VrCosplayX have 10 scripted titles up, for the time being. If it wasn’t for the banner announcing the competition survey, I wouldn’t have noticed. Had to go to Videos-catagories-funscripts, to find them. Same on Badoink.
Don’t know if the downloaded scripts are limited time, as with NA, or unlimited time, like CzechVR.
Still, as @slapmytuna stated, it’s a good start to modify to your own tastes.

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At least they are embracing interactive toys, the further this goes in the industry the better, better toys, better scripts etc.

I have not used them yet but can you tell me how you spot AI scripts versus a script made by a master scripter like @Polt ?

@MightyElf not sure if you know but handyfeeling has a lot of Vr cosplayx scenes scripted (223 to be precise.) There all handy only tokens scripts but there of a decent quality and free if you own a handy.



Also 139 BadoinkVR ones.


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Wow… do they only work if you log into Badoink first? Otherwise, is the token just to ensure you’re using a Handy?

Token just needs handy connection

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From what i’ve tested you only need the handy. The only exception is for Naughty America and Tonights girlfriend scripts. The site does allow you to toggle if you include these “Premium Scripts” in any of your searches. You can play the video locally as well if you’ve downloaded it. Hell, technically you could play the script without any video at all.

If you have a Handy it’s a no brainer really as it’s free.

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Well this is insane - thanks so much for the heads up @quiffed1

I just took a step closer to script nirvana with an extra 28 scripts! Including every KinkVR scene (TBF I only have 4 because most of them suck but still, major win). I wish I wasn’t away and busy for the next few days :slight_smile:

Ai scripts will have some places where the script will just abruptly jump points for no reason. Sometimes the ranges will be off for certain sections. Usually there are more points than what’s needed and a lot of subtlety will be lacking from the script like licking, little movements of the hips while riding ect…


thanks @slapmytuna . good to know.

Can those scripts be downloaded & run with scriptplayer?

There is NO WAY these are AI Scripts… which generally suck.

AI scripting might have been used for some parts, but overall these BaDoinkVR scripts are AMAZING WORK!

BIG THANKS to whoever made them!


Depending on your definition of downloaded yeah. They are tokens which means when you run them they contacy the handy feeling server and effectively then stream the script. They work fine with scriptplayer and any other player but there are some drawbacks. You cant edit them, you cant play them on another device (like the launch.)

There is AI and AI. Professional AI tools can often feature algorythms that arent publicly available (and therefor get higher accuracy). This can already improve scripts a lot. But its obvious that for such company some person at least has to go through the script once to fix issues.

Keep in mind that even AI upscaling is better than what a human can achieve in any realistic time. And this is still mostly about pattern recognition and prediction (which for scripts isnt that much diffirent).

At the same time, as company they exist for quite a while, which means that a lot of AI issues could already have been resolved/detectable. Companies can often get the advantages of scale.

And as a last note, its very likely that they released some of the better scripts. Its easy to find 30 good scripts when you have over 500 available to pick from. For marketing reasons if you are giving out those free scripts, you obviously dont want it to be bad scripts (as that would be negative marketing).