Ban people that post scripts that are shorter then 1.5 minutes

They should be punished for wasting my and everyone elses time. Take the time to use an editor to either loop it, add other videos or gtfo.


Yeah no, no one is forcing you to watch or download these scripts.


Use a player that can loop videos and maybe don’t complain about free scripts :man_shrugging:


Some people request and commission short scripts to me. I am just sharing those for free man.


My brother in Christ, this is a website to share materials we used for lewd purposes. I doubt anyone here actually cares that much.


I saw a similar post on FAPTAP community

I’ll shorten it because I’m too lazy to say it again

First, there is some demand for short scripts

Second, don’t generalize

Of course, if many short script posts, it’s possible hard to see the posts you want

So in my case, I show it every month through the Script Shorts Collection

I understand if you’re asking to create a forum dedicated to publishing short scripts.
but you just say no without a solution, it seems like you’re whining
Irresponsible accusations only raise eyebrows





Whoever flagged the post, causing it to be hidden, is doing nobody any favors.



lol. Dude plays with fire.

Most people dont even have to bother looping and wasting harddrive space cause…the players can also loop. Thanks Shbek.


I had a girlfriend once that banned me for being shorter than 1.5 minutes.


I don’t know what level of effort this would require, but perhaps we could update the post template so that there is a “Duration” field. Then that could be parsed and displayed alongside the title and stuff in the topics list.

I personally see this as a solution to a problem that doesn’t exist, because short scripts are fun! For people that prefer high quality animations in particular, you often get shorter scripts because the animations themselves are very short.


Sorry, my answer is under 1.5 min… NOPE!


I will leave this post up as a reminder of how NOT to be in a community where scripts are offered free. Take a step back and reflect on yourself the next time you are feeling the same way where you get free handouts.


Nah its crap have some standards. This whole idea that just because its free means it can be whatever it wants. How about instead of that you keep the bar a bit higher. Its not about entitlement its about this place going to shit. Its about understanding this is a community and that there should be a standard that is expected and kept. If you want to continue down this whole path of allowing anything and everything you run the risk, and its getting close, to killing the community entirely. Sure, i said it in a passive aggressive way, my bad. But I feel if we hold at least some standards then the community can grow and become better.


While I disagree with what Eleven is saying in general lets not jump on them for having an opinion. I would also hold off on calling people entitled. Eleven produces free scripts themselves so its not like there a lurker who doesnt contribute themselves. Lets try and not drive off anyone who gives out free scripts to the community.

I personally dont think banning people for contributing even if the contribution is not what your after is the right way forward.

It can be frustrating if someone spams a dozen short scripts in individual posts as it clogs up the feed but again a polite message to the poster saying they might want to consolidate the scripts into 1 post and the reason why is a much better way to go. It’s very unlikely that the people posting short scripts are doing it out of malice to annoy people and are just trying to contribute in there own way.


First script post was 2 minutes 22 seconds.

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