Batch download spankbang Vids

so the problem I have is I’m trying to batch download a bunch of spanking vids, like a ton. and I don’t want to download them one by one which would take forever. I already tried using jdowloader, but the link grabber does not seem to work. if anyone had been able to or knows how to batch download spankbang vids your insight would be appreciated very much. oh, and I am downloading all of these with bookmarks; they are just like a doc with all the bookmarked vids links.

I can write you a script, the issue is youll have to go pull all of the urls you want to get the videos from. If thats ok ya I think it’ll be easy

im a littile confused, but I have all the urls

uhm do you have or know what “curl” is?

If you dont know how to code or suck with a pc this is going to seem harder then it actually is. Once it’s all setup it willl be simple.
Ok make a new text document and copy and paste this in it:

Click Here to see code

@echo off
setlocal enabledelayedexpansion

REM List of URLs to download
set “urlsFile=url_list.txt”

REM Output directory for downloaded files
set “outputDirectory=C:\Downloads”

REM Check if output directory exists, if not, create it
if not exist “%outputDirectory%” mkdir “%outputDirectory%”

REM Loop through the URLs in the file and download each file
for /F “tokens=*” %%A in (%urlsFile%) do (
echo Downloading: %%A
curl -LJO “%%A” -o “%outputDirectory%%%~nxA”

echo All downloads complete.

  • Save this as downloadfromlist.bat

  • make sure you change it from “txt” to “all files” like this


  • Next make another text file and put all the URL’s in it, ONE LINE PER URL.

  • Then save it as url_list.txt.

  • This needs to be in the same folder as downloadfromlist.bat. So the list should look like this (you can add as many URls to it as you want):

  • Now go to the bat file and double click it’s icon.
    It will pull any URL you put in the txt file and download whatever is on it. Right now it’s set to save anything it downloads to your main downloads folder (C:\Downloads). We can easily change this by editing the bat file. If you need help let me know.

You probably are going to be using the wrong URLs. To get the spankbang video URL right click on the website in empty space and go to inspect element. Then click this button at the top left

Now if you hover your cursor over the video youll see it should be partially selected. Like this, this means the select element is on. Click the video and on the right side in the code it will highlight the video’s URL. Right click the url and copy address.

If you dont want to do all of that you can just download the scripts here and use them. It wont let me post a .bat file so just follow these steps

  1. download dl from list.txt file

    • download url_list.txt
  2. open file explorer navigate to dl from list.txt and open it.

    • Go up to file and “save as”

    • erase the .txt and put .bat and change to “all files”

  3. Then edit the url_list.txt file (open with notepad)

  4. and add your own URLs into it. One URL per line

  5. Save it

  6. double click dl from list.bat
    url_list.txt (234 Bytes)
    dl from list.txt (552 Bytes)

thanks I will try this, i am confused tho; ill let u know

Ok THAT WAS FIRE, dam thanks for the couching that was sooo cool. Got it to work, your right btw, I do have the wrong urls; I wish there was a way to convert the bookmark urls to the urls that I need( i think crul’s?)
If you know that would be nice

would save sooo much time

You can use yt-dlp to download videos from spankbang. You can give it a file that contains the list of urls.

glad it worked. So “curl” is a tool or command line interface that allows for the transfer of data, to put it simply. It can quickly get confusing for the uninitiated dont worry about it.

Whats happening though is A lot of website nowadays dont want people downloading their videos so they hide the source or host URL of the video. Spankbang does this, i’m not exactly sure why considering they allow all downloads.

Anyways, what I taught you to do with the inspector is a very basic “hack” in a sense. I do know there is a way to use your main spankbang URL’s, I just didnt know it off the top of my head. I’ll look into it though, assuming its not too much hassle i’ll edit the script to make it work.

The yt-dlp thing is a good suggestion except yt-dlp also requires the hidden URL on spankbang as well. Maybe using it can lead to a work around. Just keep an eye out here i’l post any fixes if i come across one.

ok thanks

You can use the normal URLs. All you need is the “–legacy-sever-connect” flag.

yt-dlp --legacy-server-connect -a fileName.txt

fileName.txt is simply a text file with your download urls in it. 1 line, 1 url

really confused on using yt-dlp

I think yt-dlp will find the hidden video url, and download the video for you.

so you would go download yt-dlp. then wherever you put yt-dlp.exe you need to open the command line there.
So for example lets say yt-dlp.exe is in this folder c:\users\username\downloads.

Open up a command prompt by holding windows key + r. type cmd hit enter. Now we need to change the directory cmd is in. You know which directory youre in because of the bottom most line inside of cmd is your directory. If it said like c:\Program Files> youd be in the c drive and program files folder.

So if you open cmd the way i suggested youd be in c:\user\username we need to change that and the syntax for that is cd which stands for change directory. we want to be in downloads folder so youd type
cd downloads
hit enter
if you did everything right you will see the filepath has now changed to c:\users\username\downloads. so now that were in that folder we can call yt-dlp.exe because thats where the exe is in file explorer. So you can now type yt-dlp then the url and hit enter
It should look something like this

I already attempted to use yt-dlp with spankbang videos though. It doesnt work without the hidden URL.

ok then theres no point; on side note did you find a way to convert regular urls to the hidden

This is cool

so is there a way to batch download spankbang vids with the regular url, because getting hidden urls is very time consuming

I have no problem to download spankbang videos using the regular url (the one that is shown in the top of the browser) with yt-dlp. Can you share some lines of the text file that have the urls that you want to batch download?

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