Best Fleshlight Sleeve for Keon VR

Just wanted to get everyone’s opinion on their favorite sleeve to use with the Keon. I generally use the STU sleeve with the Keon on VR but wanted to get a new sleeve that feels even better. Thanks for your opinion!

Fleshlight turbo thrust blue ice
it’s really good

Amongst the Kiiroo sleeves I have, the Victoria June one is definitely the tightest, but I think overall I prefer the Skyler Lo one. If you’re looking for fleshlight sleeves I can’t help you with that.

Rae Lil Black’s is my favourite Kiiroo sleeve that I’ve tried. But IMO full fleshlight sleeves are better, although they can get a little beat up over time in the Keon.

Kenzie Reeves’ fleshlight sleeve was recommended by a few people on Reddit for the Keon as it’s lower intensity with the “creampuff” texture. But the opening is a little small and tricky to get back in if you pop out. It doesn’t hold lube that well and can get messy. But sensation wise it’s pretty good.

Eliza Ibarra’s is my favourite though. The “Ethereal” texture is also not too intense, it holds lube better and the labia is really good for directing you into the opening if you fall out.