Best Game? Fallen Angel Marielle?

I really like playing games like Fallen Angel with the Handy. It “seems” the most complete that works with the handy API servers using a connection key. It has a filler, it has scripts that trigger when fighting, and when “losing”.

Are there any other games like this that are fighting based, and have the complexity of Fallen Angel?

I played one other one, but only the galleries triggered, not while playing the game which isn’t the same thing.


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Interesting! I might be wrong, but it looks like the buttplug integration is a 3rd-party mod for the game. Not sure if you are already a member, but has been my go to for anything game related. I usually browse through here since it’s easier to filter/search:

You might be able to find more games with support if you search the forums for buttplug, handy, or auto stroker.

I really enjoyed the integration in Mage Kanade’s Futanari Dungeon Quest!
Don’t know if it’s good with a handy though, let me know!

There is a few threads on f95zone on this topic but it’s not very popular over there yet.

As someone mentions in one of those threads, Lovsense is growing in support for game integration but it seems that’s because lovsense is paying game devs to support their product. However buttplug/handy support is up to the devs to do on their own dime so unless a majority of their Fans request it, probably not happening. Hence why most mods to support other devices end up being fan made.

I don’t want to search around and hunt and peck. I’m asking if anyone has experience with a better game than fallen angel with the handy, or not. It seems like it’s, “or not”

I made a start adding Handy support to Max the Elf, but the process is actually quite involved and I lost motivation halfway through :sweat_smile:

When I last tried Fallen Angel Marielle (which was a long while ago and I’ve just switched to SR6 so currently attempting to relearn and investigate how, if possible to get it to take the Handy’s place) I found it to be not as fun as Setaria The Demon Realm , Mage Kanade and Seal of Lutellaria which I would put in that order of least fun to most since they all have a lot more constant action with little breaks between small movements I found. Game mods to change difficult helps a ton though I ague since I would put Mage Kanade if Lutellaria was shorter and I didn’t mod it myself to change the difficulty and add in more ways to result in more action time as a result. (since most battlefuck/escape fuck games are unbalanced in letting you escape fast while either slowly or quickly dying)

But integrated games are very early days still right now as only really EDI has provided an easier way to mod games. So currently games that are being done; I presume while many test and mess around for what works while looking for good games to mod with scripts; (which is few itself) are games which more clear or beat-ish games seemingly to me which I personally avoid.

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It was a long journey from when I started with ‘Fallen Angel Marielle’ to now, working on the generic integrator project. Creating ‘Fallen Angel Marielle’ involved months of searching for games with dynamic gameplay suitable for device integration, focusing on mechanics and balance that demanded endurance. The most fun moment was the first time I played, reaching a climax simultaneously with defeating the final boss, where the anxiety of the final blended with my excitement.

The development of ‘Fallen Angel Marielle’ was always aimed towards the EDI project. A crucial part of this process was relying on the community to produce more integrations, which allowed me to analyze them and develop a generic integrator that aimed to cover all or nearly all possible scenarios.

Currently, I’m focused on enhancing EDI, including adding multiplatform capabilities and developing an EDI player for easy script playback. My scripts, being multidevice, lack an efficient playback mechanism, so the EDI player is a necessary development. I’m also considering creating a game specifically for the community and engaging with other communities like F95 and Mininova.

If anyone is interested in supporting these projects and potentially developing new games for the FunScript community, please consider supporting me on my newly launched Patreon.

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Honestly I’m not a fan of the games I’ve seen. The game style, the annoyance in getting them working, it just doesnt seem worth the effort. Now give me integration with a game like Bonetown… that would be epic!!