Best mode for scripting on JFS+ few questions

I am a newb scripter trying out both default and on the fly setting for scripting on JFS.
I have tried out both methods, and kinda figured out that default tends to be accurate, but really slow to finish, while on the fly is fast, but mostly… inaccurate. It seems that on the fly creates a lot of unnecessary points along the way, due to my hand flickering during the movement, especially on the slower movements like BJ. I would really appreciate it if those experienced in JFS could share some of their tips on how to either 1) speed up the process with default, or 2) get more accuracy with on the fly.
I have also kinda looked up some of the freely distributed scripts at RS, and have found out most of them are done by default. Is there any reasons behind this?

Also, can any of you tell me why some of the scripts have those extra points at 80~90 before going to 100?
I am not sure whether that has additional effect on how launch works out

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I think you mean the ‘Home’ button on the first tip @Husky5383 :stuck_out_tongue: You can then use the page up and down keys to tweak the inserted point.

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:rofl: Haha, I’ve added many small features like this, hoping people would discover them :stuck_out_tongue:


Dudes that can’t f-ck are the worst… Like rage inducing… But those scripts usually turn out pretty well too so… :man_shrugging:t2:


Sorry for the stupid question, but is there anyway to lock the simulator position for JFS?
I am trying to use drawing tablet for the on the fly mode, but the tablet pen constantly moves the damn simulator whenever I put some pressure while moving my hands…

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Maybe you can deactivate the mouse click in the tablet settings?