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Hello everybody.

I’m looking for a tool that will give me more control over my Handy. The website of Handyfeeling unfortunately only offers settings for the remote control for speed and the range from the starting point below. I would like to have the option (as is possible with running scripts) to change the minimum value as well. Of course, remote control via a smartphone would be ideal, with which one wipes between 0% and 100% dynamically with the finger and the Handy simultaneously implements the corresponding movement (limited to the possible speed in order to comply with this). Does anyone of you know any software that is suitable for this or at least goes in that direction? In an emergency, I would program something myself, but I would like to save myself the trouble if there is already something that meets my requirements. Thank you for your help in advance. :slightly_smiling_face:

You can find other software over in the Software section of the forum :sunglasses:


Thank you for your quick answer! But isn’t this software more aimed at syncing with videos? After all, for me it’s all about remote control and I don’t want to create scripts für this.

You can use it in manual mode and save your stroke presets to the gamepad button for example.

I think this is what you are looking for. Enjoy and if you find any other similar sites please share.
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Husky already pointed you in the right direction :slight_smile:
If you want some sort of live reaction then you need a gamepad.
Pressing the triggers will change the speed a few times a second.

But if you are searching for something that makes Handy follow your finger from top to bottom while you wipe your mobile phone this is not available right now. We are still waiting for the new firmware and the streaming protocol which should allow live control in some way.

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The Handy firmware v2.x doesn’t allow for minimum stroke position setting. The next version of the firmware/API does allow this, so expect most apps that support the Handy to allow that function in the next few months :slight_smile: