Best scripting points for head stimulation

I’m just wondering what other scripters have found the best points for blowjob scenes where the woman is just stimulating the head of the penis.

Normally I’d alternate between a 90-70 or 90-60, but sometimes it feels too short.

I use 100-60 for that


I generaly only use the 80-100 range, but also use vibration patterns. Light vibrations can make the effective movement a bit more notible as it makes a 15 unit movement extended to 45 (30 down, 15 up - which due to friction etc might effectively become less again, but the other 15 unit movement would suffer even more from that effect). Especialy slower movement can benefit from vibrations.

Its just that some people dont like it (or on some devices vibrations dont translate as nicely as they would on a handy)

It depends on the device. I set my focus on TheHandy, because it is the most used device atm.

In the beginning I used 80-100. Because of the short movement way of the device I changed it to 70-100. I think everything bigger feels unrealistic. For my taste I hate vibrations on IRL stuff in general.


60-70 to 100 is the sweet spot for me

Well, to me it matters on the vibration type and strength, keep in mind the sleeves do muffle its effect.

I think that a low frequency and low distance can make vibrations quite a lot less extreme, and therefor suitable for realistic effects. For example only like 12 actions per second at 10 units. It then shouldnt feel like a vibration, but it does add movement, and therefor adds intensity.

Such vibrations can also mimic stimulation without moving. But only realy on the tip, as when the sleeve is far down, that vibration is obviously done acros the entire sleeve (unless you use an open ended one).

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