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Best Settings for Scriptplayer+ET312 estim device

im using the estim Box ET312b with Scriptplayer to play funscript videos. i do this with the “funscript audio” connection.
i cant find the perfect settings for it (frequency, timing and so on). i do know its also a question about soundcard quality (dedicated or onboard) and maybe also a question about EQ settings.
the result what i want have is not a triphase effect or variations of frequencies. i want some kind of tapping effect on the movement on screen.

is there anyone doing estim with funscripts?

@Doserik there is a solid community of estim users on Milovana that can help you out on estim settings there is a community of users there that use funscripts.

@BRomes thanks. i looked over it and i found one post which pushed me to the right settings. it works fantastic now :slight_smile:

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